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Un kit de música es un objeto del juego introducido como parte de la actualización del 10 de octubre de 2014 para añadir nuevas características de personalización a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Al equipar un kit de música, la música del juego cambiará, incluyendo canciones personalizadas de diversos artistas y compositores creadas exclusivamente para Global Offensive.

El kit de música que un jugador lleve equipado se puede compartir con los demás durante la partida, además todos los jugadores de la partida lo oirán cuando el portador se al jugador más valorado en una ronda.

Los kits de música se pueden obtener en ofertas del juego o encontrarse en el Mercado de Steam.

El kit de música puede modificar la música de:

  • Menú principal
  • Principio de ronda
  • Final de ronda
  • Bomba colocada / Rehén recogido
  • Aviso de bomba
  • Ronda ganada
  • Ronda perdida
  • Aviso de fin de ronda
  • Cámara de muerte
  • JMV

Kits de música con StatTrak™ []

Los kits de música con StatTrak™ contarán el número de veces que un jugador ha sido nombrado JMV, contando básicamente el número de veces que suena. Esto se puede obtener mediante ofertas, la tienda del juego o abriendo cajas Radicals de StatTrak™. Los kits de música de las cajas Radicals solo están disponibles con StatTrak™.

Kits de música[]

Kits de música Descripción
Plantilla:MusicKit[note 1]
Música por defecto de CS:GO. Un clásico.
Grammy nominated game composer Austin Wintory asks, why bother hunting your enemies when you can lure them in with a deadly, admittedly insane, tango?
Video Game Composer Daniel Sadowski delivers Edgy Action mixed with CRAZY FAT beats in this pulsating, exhilarating Music Pack.
From game music composer Dren, this cinematic, superhero-metal inspired music pack puts the 'ill' into KILL!
Renowned elecronicPlantilla:Sic musician Feed Me, brings a western corral showdown into a modern electronic space.
Dutch Electronic Trio Noisia brings a tough, cinematic feel with a unique blend of tradition and progression.
Music to crush your enemies see them driven before you from award winning composer Robert Allaire.
Immerse yourself in this cinematic soundtrack full of soaring strings, pulsating melodies and driving drums from the world renowned DJ / Producer Sasha.
From the composer of two of the world's biggest war games, comes a sonic loadout that will bring your enemies to Hell's Gate!
A lesson in aggression from Metal producer, Skog.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-midnight riders.png
Plantilla:MusicKit[note 2]
"HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ****ERS!" -Midnight Riders
Archivo:Csgo-musickit-danielsadowski 02.png
Composer Daniel Sadowski raises the bar with aggressive electronic beats, creative sound fx and an exhilerating, driving, futuristic vibe. "Warning: Will cause a rise in adrenaline!"
Archivo:Csgo-musickit-mateo messina 01.png
Own your enemies. Pure intensity by Grammy winning composer, Mateo Messina.
Archivo:Csgo-musickit-hotlinemiami 01.png
A multitude of electronic artists deliver brutal beats in this exhilarating Music Pack from the iconic Hotline Miami.
Archivo:Csgo-musickit-damjanmravunac 01.png
Composer Damjan Mravunac blends energetic cinematic grooves with epic choirs in this music pack featuring music from Croteam's critically acclaimed title "The Talos Principle".
Archivo:Csgo-musickit-matt lange 01.png
Indulge your aural senses in a collection of cinematic, glitchy atmospheres and hard-hitting throbbing rhythms by electronic producer and innovator Matt Lange.
Archivo:Danielsadowski 03.png
Daniel Sadowski creates the first ever 8-bit Music Kit for Counter-Strike complete with authentic 8-bit sounds.
Archivo:Darude 01.png
Yield freely in the soundscapes of Finnish producer Darude's familiar musical flavours and tones. Enriching yourself with access to a heavy fusion of progressive overtones and scores of tingling melodic structure from the sounds banks of one of dance music's most renowned pioneers.
Archivo:Ianhultquist 01.png
Mixing pulsating strings and synths with pounding war drums, prepare yourself for battle with this thunderous soundtrack from composer Ian Hultquist.
Archivo:Kellybailey 01.png
Kelly Bailey, composer of Valve’s Half-Life series, creates an arsenal of apocalyptic new music inspired by the darker side of the Half-Life universe.
Archivo:Kitheory 01.png
Recording artist and DOTA TI4 performer, Ki:Theory drops BOMBS with this searing set of razor edge dark electronic rock.
Archivo:Michaelbross 01.png
Michael Bross conjures epic / cinematic techno-grunge to make you feel like a true badass in battle.
Archivo:Mordfustang 01.png
Diamonds. They are forever. Dive into the arpeggiotron of Mord Fustang with this fresh set of grooves and atmospheres.
Archivo:Newbeatfund 01.png
Sunny surf rock with elements of hip-hop, punk and garage pop. Keep it real and get headshots.
Archivo:Proxy 01.png
Russian Heavy Electronica Artist PROXY brings his own Unique heavy artillery to Counter Strike. Hybrid audio Weaponry fused with the finest studio technology makes this pack unique.
Archivo:Skog 02.png
Metal composer and producer Jocke Skog returns with an all new, hard hitting metal kit, turning the rest of the CS:GO Music Kits into something cute, warm and fuzzy. Now go become MVP so everyone can hear your awesomeness!
Archivo:Troelsfolmann 01.png
Triumphant Blastophones combine with contemporary Uberpulse in this explosive collection by ultra award winning composer Troels Folmann.
Archivo:Awolnation 01.png
AWOLNATION Alternative Rocker AWOLNATION brings you a music kit for the ages. This kit is jam-packed with an eclectic selection of tunes and includes cuts from singles 'I Am' and multi-platinum hit 'Sail'.
Archivo:Beartooth 01.png
Beartooth brings an agressive back-to-basics hardcore stomp that gets crowds moving and breaking stuff. A perfect soundtrack for your no-scope scout frags. Rock 'till you're dead.
Archivo:Skog 03.png

Skog is back with a third crushing metal kit. This time with an electro-organic twist to the music, combining massive guitar riffs with equally massive drops, loop elements and drones.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Twinatlantic 01.png

Heavier, rowdier, and louder than ever, Twin Atlantic comes to CS:GO ready to help you melt the faces with the firepower of Scottish rock.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Roam 01.png

Roam delivers fast, straight-forward Pop Punk that gets crowd and players alike moving. Prove you have a Backbone with this perfect soundtrack for rushing in and obliterating the other team before they even realize they're deadweight.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Neckdeep 01.png

Sometimes you just need some Pop Punk to get you through the day. Whether it is dealing with campers or losing a massive kill streak, Neck Deep is here to prove that Life's Not Out To Get You, but the other team still is.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Hundredth 01.png

Hundredth is bringing heavy to the world with their unique take on melodic hardcore. Break free or return to Dust with this perfect soundtrack for fragging the unworthy.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Blitzkids 01.png

British Pop/Punk band Blitz Kids brings you the perfect music kit for rushing B while thinking about those night drives you had with your friends in High School. This kit is for going fast and feeling young.

[StatTrak™ Only]

Archivo:Beartooth 02.png

Beartooth is back for round two. This new music kit hits harder and is even more aggressive. We've also made the MVP anthem extra heavy so your opponents feel really bad after they've lost to you.

[StatTrak™ Only]

The Verkkars rise through the Finnish charts with a heart-pounding tribute to ENCE. Can it really be so EZ?
Give your Counter Strike auditory experience a legendary makeover with the Master Chief Collection Music Pack, featuring iconic musical moments from the Halo universe.
Scarlxrd blends heavy trap beats with a flow and delivery that creates his own unique subgenre. With this exciting blend his live shows capture the attention of everyone in the crowd.
This music kit commemorates Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s VR return to the Half-Life series. You are humanity’s only chance for survival, and your immersive environmental interactions continue in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-dren 02.png
The apocalyptic mariachi soundtrack from the indie game hit, Gunman Taco Truck, comes to CS:GO with intense Mexican flavored tunes like Pollo Diablo and Persecución de Helltain!
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-sammarshall 01.png
Inspired by the funky video game music of the early 90s, composer Sam Marshall cooks up some classic game nostalgia with a spicy modern sauce.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-austinwintory 02.png
Austin Wintory mixes Celtic fantasy with sizzling electronics and a generous helping of Peter Hollens' vocals in this genre-bending Music Kit.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-mattlevine 01.png
Composer Matt Levine delivers raw swagger in this gritty homage to the Spaghetti Western. It has never felt better to say, "go ahead, make my day..."
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-treeadams benbromfield 01.png
Alchemists of a powerful chaos that is M.U.D.D. FORCE - composers Tree Adams and Ben Bromfield weld epic battle motifs and grinding synths into a Maelstrom of full throttle destruction.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-danielsadowski 04.png
From the composer who brought you "Total Domination", "The 8-Bit Kit" and "Crimson Assault", comes "Eye Of The Dragon". Music composer Daniel Sadowski mixes Ninjas + Guns + Hip-Hop + Techno to create an action-packed Music Kit. Ninjas are known for their fast and precise attacks, yet they can be invisible to their enemy.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-timhuling 01.png
Composer Tim Huling delivers classic film-noir style tracks blended with contemporary grooves and beats.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-amontobin 01.png
Legendary producer Amon Tobin lends his unique aesthetic to CS:GO. This time through tube amplifiers.
Sure, you might miss a shot from time to time, but what never misses is this blood-pumping Music Kit straight from the Underworld of Hades, Supergiant's rogue-like dungeon crawler.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-neckdeep 02.png
Prove you are not a normie (and better than everyone else on the map) with Neck Deep's new music kit, which includes songs from the band's album All Distortions Are Intentional.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-scarlxrd 02.png
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-laurashigihara 01.png
Video game composer and developer Laura Shigihara will help you tell everyone loudly and proudly that you're the MVP. Have fun with this unique blend of 90s dance, retro video game synth, and just a hint of Plants vs. Zombies.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-freakydna 01.png
Opera. 8-bit sounds. Analogue synths. What's not to love? Chiptune specialist Freaky DNA and soprano Leanne Koch team up for some heavy beats and good times!
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-chipzel 01.png
Video game composer and chiptune legend Chipzel brings a glitchy Speak & Spell inspired mashup of hybrid styles packed with fun, funk and flavour.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-austinwintory 03.png
Austin Wintory answers the question humanity has asked for ages: what happens if you merge beer garden accordion polka music with grungy heavy metal?
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-jesseharlin 01.png
Composer Jesse Harlin delivers bombastic space opera drama inspired by classic sci-fi of the 70s, 80s, and beyond.
Archivo:Csgo-music-kit-sarahschachner 01.png
Brought to you by Sarah Schachner, a dystopian goth choir of self-aware, Scandinavian robots decide that humanity must be eliminated.
Archivo:Bbnos 01 music kit.png
bbno$ formulates 'the' toxic gamer anthem, u mad! Are u mad? LOL get good scrub. Research shows if you play with this Music Kit equipped you'll immediately go from Silver to Global.
Archivo:3kliksphilip 01 music kit.png
On a quest to go pro, or unintentionally going low? Let this kit’s 80’s synths and dreamy melodies take you back. Back, back, back... to the good old days.
Archivo:Hlb 01 music kit.png
Swedish Band Humanity's Last Breath drops in heavy with their Void Music Kit. Pounding drums, colossal riffs and an atmosphere to send shivers up your spine.
Archivo:Juelz 01 music kit.png
Neo trap synths, gritty 808s, an epic piano riff, and a plethora of gunfire sound effects. The OG trap anthem "Shooters" by Juelz makes for a truly elite Music Kit. Suitable for MVPs only.
Archivo:Knock2 01 music kit.png
dashstar*, the iconic bass house anthem from Knock2, provides non-stop energy that captures the young San Diego native’s mantra, "no limit".
Archivo:Meechydarko 01 music kit.png
Grab a Glock and equip this music kit to be transported to the center of New York's underground hip-hop scene.
Archivo:Sullivanking 01 music kit.png
Love the chase? Love the hunt? Hard rock, metal, and dubstep collide in Sullivan King's soundtrack for becoming unstoppable.
Archivo:Perfectworld 01 music kit.png
Celebrate the 5th anniversary of CS:GO's release in China with a one of a kind music kit, 花脸 Hua Lian (Painted Face). This kit combines folk Qinqiang opera (the earliest Chinese style Rock 'n' Roll) and modern Rock 'n' Roll. Whether you are engulfed in smoke or blinded by a flashbang, don't get lost!
Archivo:Denzelcurry 01 music kit.png
Denzel brings his signature energy to CS:GO as he traverses trap, jazz, and drum and bass beats. This kit features Denzel's hits "Walkin", "ULTIMATE", and more, so break out the nickel-plated chrome Berettas and crank up the intensity with the ULTIMATE music kit.

Kits de música inéditos[]

Artwork Artista/Compositor Álbum Notas
Valve Corporation CS GO (4 Variant) Reference to music kit found in Cobblestone's Manifest:
Valve Corporation Team Fortress 2 Reference to music kit found in Cobblestone's Manifest:
Valve Corporation Left 4 Dead 1 Reference to music kit found in Inferno's, Mirage's and Overpass Manifests:
Valve Corporation Left 4 Dead 2 Reference to music kit found in Overpass's Manifest:
Valve Corporation Portal 2 Reference to music kit found in Cobblestone's Manifest:


  • El icono del kit de música tiene la forma de un MP3 con cascos, pero en la pantalla aparece una carátula de MiniDisc.
    • La música «destacada» en el icono es LNOE de Sasha.
    • Los iconos individuales de los kits de música son discos de vinilo.
  • A pesar de que cada uno varíe, cada uno de los discos lleva el logotipo de Global Offensive en el centro.
  • Los kits de música se llaman «tone modules» en los archivos del juego.



  1. Composed by Mike Morasky
  2. Composed by Mike Morasky/Valve under the pseudonym The Midnight Riders

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