7.62 caliber
7.62x51mm NATO
Price $80 per 30 rounds
Max carried 90 rounds
200 rounds (M60)
Used by AK-47, Scout, G3SG/1, M60
SSG 08, SCAR-20

The 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge is a caliber used by the AK-47, Scout, G3SG1, SSG 08, and SCAR-20 in the Counter-Strike series. It also used by the M60 machine gun.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

  • The ammo belt box gives 100 rounds of 7.62x51mm NATO (used only by the M60).




  • The icon for this ammunition is seen as sprite 7.
  • in Counter-Strike: Source, the AUG would be a 7.62 weapon, despite it being coded to use 5.56 rounds and its damage would be inferior to the AK-47 as a 7.62 caliber gun.

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