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A Change In Plans is the third comic in Operation Wildfire's Gemini campaign. It is unlocked after the player completes the second Co-op Strike mission in the campaign, Once More Into The Breach.


High ranking Phoenix member Valeria Jenner and her bodyguard Naomi enter a helicopter while discussing the possible outcomes of killing Phoenix traitor Imogen, who is the daughter of their weapons supplier, Booth. Naomi argues that Booth should not be touched, but Valeria is adamant, arguing that Booth is "a businessman first and a father second", and that the two recent attacks on their compound means they should not be hesitant. Naomi asks why do they need to personally go to the compound. Valeria responds that because Imogen is Booth's daughter, Valeria needs to kill her personally.

Meanwhile, Imogen is making a deal with a Phoenix member, showing him a customized AWP with a Dragon Lore paintjob. Her deal is interrupted by a phone call coming from her father, and Imogen becomes aware of Phoenix's plans.