The highly polished confines of this modern corporate skyscraper are host to a frantic hostage rescue.
―Operation Bravo Map Description[1]

The precision of classic bomb defusal layouts enter the confines of a modern skyscraper in this fast-paced hostage rescue.
―Operation Phoenix Map Description[2]

Over the years, the offices of Underhill and Murphy have been home to rich clients, modern art and hostage situations.
―Operation Bloodhound/Breakout Map Description[3]

Agency (cs_agency) is a custom Hostage Rescue map featured in Operation Bravo, Operation Phoenix, Operation Bloodhound, and Operation Hydra of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was designed by Puddy and Rick. The map was removed from the game files in October 13, 2016 update, but returned during May 23, 2017 for Operation Hydra.

The map was added into the game in the November 13, 2017 update along with Austria, Insertion, and Shipped.


The conflict takes place in a commercial penthouse high atop an urban skyscraper.

According to signs found on the map, the penthouse is owned by Underhill & Murphy Advertising Agency.

Bugs & Glitches

  • There was a glitch at the Terrorist spawn zone. There is a window cleaner scaffold located near the Terrorist spawn zone. Multiple players can collaborate to send a player above the map by using team collision to stack multiple players at that locations; this would allow the player to see and attack players below (as the rooftop is one-sided) without fear of returning fire.[4] However, the glitch has since been patched.


  • When Steam Universe was announced, Agency was featured as an example of community created content available to users.[5]
  • One of the signs featured on the revolving billboards in the Main Hall depicts a large arrow pointing at a small phrase: "You should probably focus on the enemy instead of reading signs".
  • A pair of metal detectors can be found in Side Hall, and will beep when any players pass through.
  • Agency is the community map with the most appearances in Operations, having appeared in four Operations and surpassing the previous record of Seaside at three.
  • Near CT Spawn, a broken elevator can be seen, its door slightly open. A dead man can be seen inside.


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