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Agents are full-body character customizations added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Operation Shattered Web. Once equipped, Agents are used as the player's character model for all maps, regardless of the maps' original T/CT faction. The difference between the rarities of the skins is that Master Agents have unique cheers and voices, unlike the other rarities which will use the default cheers and voices.

The player's equipped Agent will show up in the End-of-Match Accolades.



Agent Description
St6 soldier.png

Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC SEAL

Distinguished Agent

Combat ready and hungry for wins. Seal Team 6 soldiers know how to get the job done.
"I’m just happy to be here."


'TwoTimes' McCoy | USAF TACP

Superior Agent

'Two Times' McCoy earned his nickname by completing TACP's field training twice. Official records mark this up to a scheduling mix-up, but his teammates report restraining him from completing the trifecta. With inhuman reserves of physical and mental stamina, McCoy often finds himself the last person standing at the end of any conflict—physical and verbal alike.
"Yep. Still here."


Buckshot | NSWC SEAL

Exceptional Agent

Known as SEAL Team's "Weapons Sommelier" Buckshot has thoroughly field-tested and reviewed almost every available military weapon in staggering depth. ST6 relies on Buckshot’s knowledge of lesser-known guns for edge case advantages in ground based operations—but in the interest of time, they strenuously avoid casual conversation on the topic.
"They talk to me. The guns. They have feelings."


3rd Commando Company | KSK

Distinguished Agent

An elite soldier from Germany’s Kommando Spezialkräfte, members of 3rd Commando Company are hand-picked to be part of KSK's Operational Forces.
"This is not relevant to the task at hand."


Lt. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC SEAL

Master Agent

Lt. Commander Ricksaw’s comically laissez-faire attitude toward heavy combat keeps his SEAL team calm and deadly in the most dire situations. Having lead more special ops than any other SEAL to date, Ricksaw knows life is short, and encourages his team to make the most of the time they have—including cheerfully serving up bullets and frag grenades to high- value targets at any and all occasions.
"Hotdogs, hellcats and hand grenades. Hooya!"


Special Agent Ava | FBI

Master Agent

Initially underestimated, Special Agent Ava soon became her team’s ultimate secret weapon. Despite receiving three out of five possible FBI Honorary Medals, Ava is surprisingly indifferent to her accomplishments. The way she sees it, it’s nothing compared to growing up with four older brothers in urban New Jersey. Special Agent Ava takes pleasure from the simple things: clean wins, cold beer, and turning bad guys into thin crust pizza pie.
"They see me. They’re confused. And then they’re dead."


Michael Syfers | FBI Sniper

Superior Agent

An ex-Division I athlete, Syfers was recruited by the FBI after a catastrophic knee injury ended his sports career early. Yet even in adversity he remained positive. It's rare to find someone whose desire to succeed is matched by their desire to do good, but Syfers checks both boxes.
"Natually, I finished my reps."


Markus Delrow | FBI HRT

Exceptional Agent

There's no detail too small for Markus Delrow. Equipment, battle plans, oppositional tactics—you name it—and he's already thought of it twice. Being two steps ahead is what he does best, and Delrow takes pride in being the brains of the operation.
"All that's left is to execute."


Operator | FBI SWAT

Distinguished Agent

Members of the FBI's SWAT team are deployed in high-risk situations. Counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and bomb defusals are a few of the many disciplines FBI SWAT agents specialize in.
"Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity."


B Squadron Officer | SAS

Distinguished Agent

Highly classified and incredibly lethal, Officers in the SAS spend years sharpening their skills through infiltration, hostage rescue, and —REDACTED— missions not fit for the public eye.
"Who dares, wins."


Agent Description

The Elite Mr. Muhlik | Elite Crew

Master Agent

First appeared operating as an 'Acquisitions Consultant' for arms industry magnates, Mr. Muhlik quickly worked his way on to many Most Wanted lists worldwide. Unconfirmed reports suggest he is the last surviving heir to a recently-deposed Middle Eastern monarch. With evidence of elite military training, international private education, and numerous international bank accounts, it’s suspected Mr. Muhlik is maneuvering to rebuild sovereign power over his family's historical lands.
"Pressure and time."


Prof. Shahmat | Elite Crew

Superior Agent

After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Prof. Shahmat began teaching to impart knowledge. With every class Shahmat realized his pupils didn't have the same revolutionary desires that he did. Recognizing that his mind was beginning to dull, he decided to seek a new challenge—mastering the art of war.
"Watch and listen."


Osiris | Elite Crew

Exceptional Agent

Osiris earned his nickname from passing judgement, often too quickly, on his marks. His reasoning is simple: "When your time is as valuable as mine, why make small talk?" Confident, skilled, and quick to act, Osiris takes pleasure in dispatching targets with unrivaled efficiency.
"Any objections?"


Ground Rebel | Elite Crew

Distinguished Agent

An expert in local knowledge for Elite Crew’s urban operations, Ground Rebels are known for keeping an ear to the ground.
"That's the signal."


Maximus | Sabre

Exceptional Agent

Motivated by a simmering inner rage and a lifelong obsession with vengeance for transgressions large, small, and seemingly insignificant, Maximus is Sabre’s first choice for close quarter mission support. No grudge is too small to be repaid in blood.
"No, YOU overreacted."


Dragomir | Sabre

Exceptional Agent

A man of few words, Dragomir is disturbingly patient. Known for holding position for days at a time, some say he’s one of Sabre’s best marksman. Others say he’s napping. No one really knows. No one left alive, anyway.
"...I wait."


The 'Doctor' Romanov | Sabre

Master Agent

After expertly smuggling pharmaceuticals across disputed borders for over 30 years, the 'doctor' now leads Sabre’s Utility Disruption Operations. Rumoured to be responsible for the synchronized destruction of several UN power facilities, Romanov is known by his enemies to be calculating, deliberate, and frighteningly precise. Of course, his mother says he’s just mixed up with the wrong crowd.
"It’s simple. We make a plan and the plan is to win."


Rezan The Ready | Sabre

Superior Agent

An expert grenadier and the once-celebrated author of The Joy of Preparedness, Rezan The Ready is Sabre’s self-appointed Head of Operations. His fiery temper when things get out of hand has earned him the alternative nickname Rezan the Red—but never to his face.
"I take great pride in my work."


Blackwolf | Sabre

Superior Agent

Blackwolf stalks Sabre’s enemies with preternatural determination and focus. Raised deep within the bitter forests of Eastern Europe, he can sense human presence with exceptional accuracy—and he knows what to do when he’s sensed it.
"I don’t need to see them to kill them."


Soldier | Phoenix

Distinguished Agent

A capable shooter recruited by Phoenix to assist with Territory Reclamation Campaigns. Soldiers are extremely deadly alone, and even more so in numbers.
"When do we shoot?"


Enforcer | Phoenix

Distinguished Agent

A multidisciplinary contract hitman for the Phoenix Connection. Enforcers don't take all assignments, just the ones they find interesting.
"Time is money."


Slingshot | Phoenix

Exceptional Agent

Slingshot is a critical component of Phoenix Connection’s dominance in close-range combat. Tightly wound and capable of devastating results with little resources, Slingshot earned his nickname after retaking the Phoenix compound with only an M9 Bayonet and recovered weapons.
"If I can knife, I knife."