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The following is a list of quotes from the Alex Kincaide from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Operation Wildfire[]

The Extraction[]

  • "I thought I was gonna die here..."
  • "Don't leave me!"
  • "The Phoenix... they made me interview Valeria... document their cause... I know what they're planning."
  • "screams"
  • "Jesus!"
  • "I'm not gonna die...I'm not gonna die..."
  • "Couldn't they have sent more than 2 of you?"
  • "Hello? Who's there?"
  • "I heard gunfire, what's happening?"
  • "You're not with them, are you?"
  • "Come on, man say something!"
  • "Valeria is targeting a nuclear facility, you have to stop her!"
  • "I've spent the past year profiling Valeria for her propaganda pieces. I know her better than anyone...I can help you stop her."
  • " It's been a year... I had almost given up..."