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Make sure to grab some extra ammo before you head out.

For its Co-op Strike counterpart, see Ammunition Stash.

The Ammunition Pile or Ammo Pile for short is an item that replenishes ammo and appear exclusively in the Weapons Course.


The Ammunition Pile appears as a tin can filled with cartridges, surrounded by other loose cartridges along with MP5 and pistol magazines.

The pile can be used by walking up to it and pressing the USE key ('E' by default). The pile will replenish the ammo reserve for the currently held weapon excluding the currently loaded magazine. The amount of ammunition provided is unlimited, the item can be used as many times as wanted.[1]

They appear in pairs atop of wooden tables at the start and throughout the Weapons Course's time course.


  • The item's model is one of the many assets recycled and re-used from Left 4 Dead, another Valve franchise. Both items in fact serve the same function.


  1. Tested in-game