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For its Weapons Course counterpart, see Ammunition Pile.

The Ammunition Stash or Ammo Stash for short is an item that replenishes ammo and is exclusive to the Co-op Strike game mode.


The Ammunition Stash appears as a metal container filled with cartridges next to a box of smaller caliber cartridges and other loose cartridges. Once used, all of the latter disappear, leaving only the metal container and box. Full-stashes glow white when on sight.

The stash can be used by walking up to it and pressing the USE key ('E' by default). The stash will replenish the ammo reserve for both currently primary and secondary weapons. It is a single use item[1] and players should plan its use accordingly.


The stashes mostly appear atop of wooden tables scattered throughout a mission.

Operation Wildfire
Mission Map Number Locations
The Extraction Phoenix Compound 7 Tower, Garage, Loading Dock [2], Ladder [2], Pipe
Once More Into The Breach Phoenix Compound 6 Ladder [2], Gravel Pit, Office [2], Tower
The Enemy Of My Enemy... Phoenix Compound 8 Dock, Tower, Gravel Pit, Ladder [2], Courtyard, Garage, Tower (Outer)
For visual locations, refer to the gallery.


  • Full stashes glow white when on sight, making them easy to spot.
  • Be sure to reload your weapons before using the stash, they do not refresh magazine counts and doing so increases the item's efficiency.
  • It is best to save the stashes for higher tier rifles/sniper rifles and pistols since much of these are needed to take a Heavy Phoenix out.
    • Scavenging for enemy weapons is the best way to do so.
  • Be sure to equally share stashes with your teammates as one of the operators running of ammunition can get quite crippling.


  1. Tested in-game