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This still seems like a good idea, right guys?

The Anarchist is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They were added in the August 10th, 2012 update.


The Anarchists wear black hoodies, most with white stripes running down the sides of the sleeves, which cover most of their hands. They wear sunglasses and bandannas over their faces in various colors and patterns (including navy blue stars, red paisley, black skull, and American flags) as well as a beanie and the hood of the jacket over their heads. They also wear either blue or black skinny jeans and tall black biker boots. Their clothes are often dirty and tattered.

All Anarchists wear a backpack. Various patches are seen on their hoodies and backpacks, bearing punk-themed symbols, such as American Flags, skulls, stars, fists, guns, and what appear to be fictional punk bands. One model features a patch explicitly stating "I Ⓐ Punk". While patches may vary, every Anarchist has at least one patch containing a Circle-A anarchy symbol somewhere on their hoodie.

Their style of speech and dress suggests that they are made up of violent rebellious punk teenagers who detest Counter-Terrorist authorities and view crime as a sport. Like the Professionals, the Anarchists hail from the United States; their accent suggests they may originate from the Southern California region.

Their hand model features their dark hoodie with two yellow stripes on each sleeve, wrapped around their hands with the fingers sticking out.

Map Appearances


  • Their appearance seems to be based on the black bloc.
  • In the red-masked Anarchist's backpack, one can see a patch of the Midnight Riders, a fictional hard rock band featured in Left 4 Dead 2, another game made by Valve.
  • Interestingly, the American Flag-masked anarchist and one of the blue-masked anarchists share a torso. Their hoodie, patches, and backpack are identical.