Andrew Aumann
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ Media

Andrew Aumann is a level designer for Counter-Strike. He is known for his map Militia.


Andrew Aumann initially picked up level designing in early 1999 by working on a map for Half-Life. Only 6 months later, Aumann started playing Counter-Strike and thought the game was so addictive that he simply had to design a level for it. He was also attracted by the fact that Counter-Strike maps have a more linear design compared to traditional deathmatch maps.[1]

His map Militia was officially released as part of Counter-Strike Beta 3.0 in September 1999. Aumann updated the map a few times and when Counter-Strike was released at retail, Valve Software bought the rights to the map and included it with the retail product.

Aumann mentioned having plans to design a second map for the game on several occasions,[1][2][3] and finished his second map Deliverance in 2001. However, this map was never made official. Andrew was also active in other activities involving level design which included lending a helping hand to Chris Auty for the creation of the lightning effects in Aztec.[4]

His hobbies include hunting and fishing.[5]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Militia Cs t Level designer 1999

Custom maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Deliverance (cs) Cs t Level designer 2001


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