Assassination mode is a game mode featured in Counter-Strike, revolving around the VIP.


Assassination mode is a game mode where the round winning conditions for the two teams are:

Assassination maps are prefixed with as_.


The VIP has a very limited amount of weaponry (and ammunition). He is only armed with a KM .45 Tactical which has 12 rounds in reserve and he cannot purchase additional bullets. He is also equipped with a knife should the VIP run out of ammo. Regardless, he should not be expected to escape without his team's assistance. Even though he has special armor which provides adequate protection (200 points), he cannot engage groups of enemies and will often perish if left unprotected.

If the VIP successfully escapes, the VIP himself will receive $2500 with the bonus of winning the round. This money is usable after he becomes a standard CT player. In contrast, the Terrorist who assassinated the VIP will also receive $2500 and the bonus of winning the round.

There are weapons that are restricted for each team. The M3, XM1014, MP5, P90, Scout, SG552, G3SG1 and the M249 cannot be purchased by the Terrorists while the Counter-Terrorists are unable to buy the Scout and the AWP.

Although there were four beta Assassination maps in development before the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, Oilrig is the only official map that has the Assassination game mode and is the least popular map among the Counter Strike community. Due to this, the game mode is not featured in Counter-Strike: Source and other later released games.

The assassination game mode is still playable in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and features an updated VIP model, possibly because there were two assassination maps in development: Hangar and Destown. Destown would have been the only assassination map for Counter-Strike Xbox, but it was cut. However, there are no new assassination maps and it uses the 1.6 version of Oilrig.


( Cscz t ) Counter-Strike map playable on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

Cut maps

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