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The Automated Sentry or Drone gun[1] is a fully autonomous weapon featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive added during the December 6, 2018 update.


The Automated Sentry is shoots anything that moves. Before shooting, it passes information about the target to machine gun, where it will shoot. Below the Sentry there is Ammo Box, but to get it, you must break the Sentry. You can also fool the Automated Sentry by throwing out any object and it will be distracted by the object. Each time you hits sentry with fists, it turns the other way.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Automated Sentry uses the M249 machine gun worldmodel but the sound and damage are the same as MAC-10.
  • If you write to the console ent_remove_all env_gunfire, then it will not shoot, but simply drive the barrel of you.
  • In fact, Sentry can not kill you. It just makes your character "suicidal".
    • If you type in the console ent_fire env_gunfire addoutput "classname env_shake", then instead of the Sentry in the kilfid will be written your nickname on par with what you wrote in the console kill.
  • You can "give" it any weapons. For example, if you want the sentry to have an AK-47, then write ent_fire env_gunfire addoutput "weaponname weapon_ak47 and it will shoot from AK-47.


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