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The Automated Sentry or Drone gun[1] is a fully autonomous weapon featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive added in the December 6, 2018 update, appearing in the Danger Zone game mode.


Automated sentries can be found in containers that are dotted around Danger Zone maps. While idle, they make a continuous beeping noise, and when a player walks into its vision, it will point at the player or the area it last saw them, indicated by a laser projected beneath their gun, and shoot in bursts until several seconds after the player has died or left its field of view.

Beneath each sentry is an Ammo Box that can only be taken once the sentry is destroyed after it receives enough damage. The sentry can be distracted by throwing an item, which it will briefly focus on, and hitting the sentry with one's fists will make it turn away from the attacker.

Automated Sentries also make appearances in a few Co-op Strike missions: In "Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated", sentries appear on the surface of the island, guarding the entrance to the Phoenix Connexion facility, and in "A Lasting Impression", they guard the reinforced door at the beginning and block the players' way out near the end. The sentries in "A Lasting Impression" are different from the others in that they are triggered by laser tripwires and do not follow the players after being activated, only shooting where the gun is pointing.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Automated Sentry uses the M249 machine gun worldmodel, but its firing sound and damage are the same as the MAC-10.
  • If you enter ent_remove_all env_gunfire in the console, then it will not shoot, but will still follow you.
  • Sentries can be given any weapon. For example, entering ent_fire env_gunfire addoutput "weaponname weapon_ak47 into the console will make its gun function like the AK-47.


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