Creator(s) Jamie Mactaggart (Barking Dog Studios) Cs t Beta Cscz t
H.Grunt Csgo-vanguard-icon-small
Game(s) Cs t Beta Cscz t

Game icon 730 (Csgo-vanguard-icon-small)

Scenario Hostage Rescue
Terrorists Professional
Counter-Terrorists FBI
First appearance BETA 5.0
Last appearance Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Workshop Backalley

Urban back alleys and loading docks host the close-quarters combat of a daring hostage rescue.
―Global Offensive Journal Description

Backalley (cs_backalley) is a Hostage Rescue map featured in Counter-Strike. A community remade version was reintroduced in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive through Operation Vanguard, known as Backalley ("Back Alley" in-game).


The map is set in an urban area, in and between plenty of apartment blocks.

Due to its cramped fighting areas, hard-to-memorize pathways, and relatively poor map design, it is one of the less popular hostage rescue maps.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Infiltrate Terrorist stronghold and escort the hostages to the rescue zone. Take out the Terrorists without jeopardizing the hostages.

Terrorists: Eliminate the Counter-Terrorist force before they rescue any hostages.

Background: There are 4 hostages in the mission.



The map was designed by Jamie "TYR" Mactaggart of Barking Dog Studios during the development of beta 5.0. It was updated once, for beta 6.5.

Operation Vanguard

The map was remade for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by H.Grunt and was featured as a part of Operation Vanguard.

The Terrorist faction is the Professionals and the Counter-Terrorist faction is the FBI.

On the October 13, 2016 Update, the map was removed from the game files, making Backalley inaccessible via console.


  • Due to its relatively small size, using shotguns and the Desert Eagle work very well, especially in the tunnels and the alley where there are little to no spaces available to escape.
    • Alternatively, weapons with a high rate of fire, like the P90, will allow users to perform well in almost every point in the map. If you have range issues with shotguns, the P90, Galil, FAMAS and the M4A1 in are solid choices.
  • When playing as a CT operative, beware of the doors in the alley as it is easy to ambush a team from both doors by using the hostages as human shields.
  • Be alert of the end of the alley and the balcony. These areas are the most favorable for snipers, skilled AK-47 users, and M249 users providing suppressive fire.
  • Throwing a smoke grenade in the alley can easily force enemies to back away from the smoke and will most likely fall back rather than charging towards the enemy team. Note some aggressive enemies with powerful automatic weapons, like the M249, may spray bullets into the smoke. Enemy shotgun wielders may also decide to go into the smoke and surprise their opponents.
  • Flashbangs can come in handy to clear out enemies in cramped rooms.
  • Although risky, HE grenades can flush campers out but this tactic should not be implemented when there are hostages nearby.
  • If you play with bots, at the point where some of the hostages are located, they can clearly see enemies behind doors. This gives bots an advantage to fight against human players so always crouch when you want to pass through doors (before entering) without being seen. However, during pistol rounds, bots will shoot at players but the bullets won't go through the door thus human players can wait until bots need to reload. This is the best time to rush and eliminate bots.
  • Climb the pipes near the “Pop Dog” billboard and destroy the air vent barrier to get into it. Then, you can give hostage-camping enemies the element of surprise by suddenly destroying the barrier and attacking them.


  • Bots often have navigation problems in this map, most notably CT bots. At the ladder of the second rescue zone, bots often attempt to climb the ladder at the opposite side, thus getting themselves to be stuck. Another point they have trouble is at the window near the ladder, close to the location of the hostages. Bots will often try to traverse through the wall between two of the windows.
    • Terrorist bots might struggle to get out of their spawn area and may become stuck at the ladder leading to the CT spawn zone. On the other hand, CT bots may have navigation problem in the buildings.
  • One of the billboards has the Barking Dog logo, which is a reference to the now defunct Barking Dog Studios. Approaching it from the alley near the CT spawn triggers the sound of dogs barking at a car alarm, while approaching it from the tunnel closer to the T spawn triggers the sound of a dog barking at a cat. [1]
    • Note that this sound will give away the player’s position to enemies.

Update History

November 11, 2014
November 12, 2014
  • Minor bug fixes
December 4, 2014