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For cut map from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, see Balkan (map).

The Balkan is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

They were the third Terrorist model added to the Global Offensive Beta.


Judging from their name, they would originate from the Balkan regions, a large area in Southeastern Europe. Several of them wear winter hats and Russian tanker headwear, and all wear thick brown jackets, suggesting that they hail from a cold region.

These suggest that the faction represents South Slavic terrorist groups in Balkan nations, likely one formerly in the Communist Bloc. On a wider scale, they can represent any Slavic/Eastern European terrorist group due to their non-specific portrayal, inspired by modern regional conflicts such as the Yugoslav Wars or the Chechen Wars.

Their hand model features a thick brown jacket with a red sleeve poking out the end with leather gloves.

Map Appearances


  • One of their "Thank You!" quotes is "спаси́бо", which is Russian for "thank you" and is not used in any Balkan countries.
  • The Balkans were first seen in Dust2 in the first Global Offensive trailer. They were replaced by the Elite Crew in the released game.
  • The default gloves used by the Balkan is identical to the default gloves of the Phoenix Connexion, the Separatist, and the Professional.
  • Shortly after the October 3, 2018 update, the CS:GO Official Twitter changed their avatar to File:T balkan.png, the image used in the infobox of the Balkan page on the Counter-Strike Wiki. This is a response to the community meme "Ido", which associates the name Ido (the name of a bot) to the particular character model in the image (tm_balkan_variantC) and demands Valve to not change his model in model updates[1][2][3].

Update History

May 26, 2015
  • Re-enabled a bunch of player model variants including the much missed Balkan “Ido” model, otherwise known as tm_balkan_variantC.


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