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For faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, see Balkan.

Balkan (de_balkan) was a cut Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta map for the Bomb defusal game mode.[1] It was a re-made version of the map Vostok from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Based on the flag, it appears to be set in Romania.

Despite the developers never releasing this map has only mission bonus condition string referring in game files[2].

"quest_bonus_de_balkan"		"when the map is Balkan"

On the February 28, 2018, to Steam Database were added Rich Presence [3].


  • Some of the props of this map are already used in War Games: Demolition map, Bank.
    • A table prop that is also used in Bank has a Romanian flag on it, which might be a setting for a map.
  • There are models and textures in Global Offensive's files that reference Vostok in their paths and names.


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