For the item's iterations in other games, see Tactical Shield.

A ballistic shield which can block a large amount of damage before being destroyed.
―Danger Zone description

The Ballistic Shield is an equipment featured in the Danger Zone mode released in the May 7, 2019 update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Ballistic Shield protects the player from bullet attacks. Bullet attacks striking the shield will be fully blocked, preventing any damage to the player. However, bullets also damage the shield, and the shield can be broken if it is damaged enough. The shield has a "health" of 650, and every shot that lands on the shield inflicts an amount of damage to the shield, calculated by base damage * penetration power.

The shield can only be damaged when it is equipped by a player; it cannot be damaged if it is dropped off.

Melee attacks ignore the shield completely.

When not actively equipped, the shield is carried on the player character's back, protecting the back from bullets. When the shield is equipped, the player cannot equip and use their weapon(s), and holds the shield to their front. The shield protects the front of the player, but the sides and the viewing slot are not protected.

Having a Shield in the player's inventory will incur a speed penalty, reducing the player's speed to 200 units per second regardless of what weapon is actively equipped. Having the Shield actively equipped will further reduce the player's speed to 170 units per second.

When equipped, the player can perform a bash attack with the shield.

Melee Damage
Unarmored Armored
50 25

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