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Bank (de_bank) is an Demolition map featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Bank is a demolition map taking place just outside the downtown district of an unspecified US city.

There are 2 factions making an appearance on this map. The Terrorists consist of the Professionals while for the Counter-Terrorists, the SWAT team appears.

Both teams are spawned opposite to each other. The Terrorist team is spawned behind the bank, while Counter-Terrorists are spawned in front of it and must get across the street to get in. This map is close and medium range combat oriented, and most of the action takes place right in the bank or on the roof.

Official Description[]

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing the safe. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted area.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the safe.

Other Notes: This is a Demolition map and players cannot purchase weapons. A rifle for the first round, and if the player manages to eliminate at least one enemy in the round, the player is given a weaker weapon for the next round. The team will change after 10 rounds and the match is over when a team reaches 11 rounds.


Global Expertise
Bank On It csgo Bank On It
Win five matches on Bank.

Unused Content[]

  • All PAYDAY 2 masks were removed after the May 23, 2017 update, but can be found in the game files.


  • As with most Demolition maps, this map is loosely based on a map from the Left 4 Dead series. In this case the map is based off of the Burger Tank restaurant in the first map and finale (Milltown and Town Escape) of the Hard Rain campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. Arguably, this is the most heavily altered map of Arsenal: Demolition.
  • Bank was originally called Burger, likely in reference to Burger Tank.
  • Bank has been made into a heist in PAYDAY 2 in a collaboration between Valve and the developers of PAYDAY 2, as the GO Bank heist, also known as Charlie Santa/Sierra, with almost identical layouts and minor prop differences.
    • The name GO Bank alludes to the abbreviation of Global Offensive, while the name Charlie Santa/Sierra alludes to the abbreviation of Counter-Strike in NATO phonetic alphabets, with Santa being used to fit with the Christmas theme the map is designed with.
    • The Charlie Santa mission board in PAYDAY 2 suggests the bank is located in Washington DC[1].
    • In addition, as part of the December 18, 2013 update, masks of characters from PAYDAY 2 can be found in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version of the map. [2] They were removed after the May 23, 2017 update.
      • Dallas: Behind the boxes in the far corner of the abandoned shop's back room.
      • Wolf: Inside the rear trashcan located in the T Spawn.
      • Hoxton: Under the counter in the abandoned shop adjacent to the bank.