Designed as a tight, fast-paced defuse map with three avenues of attack, BlackGold is set on top of an off-shore oil rig.
―Map Description[1]

Black Gold (de_blackgold) is a community created Bomb Defusal map designed by az, Holiest Cow and The Horse Strangler and featured as part of Operation Breakout and Operation Hydra in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.The map was removed from the game files in October 13, 2016 update, but returned during May 23, 2017 for Operation Hydra.


The conflict takes place on a oil rig located in the ocean.

Care must be taken when maneuvering around the edges of the map as players will instantly die if they jump outside the railings.

This map features many climbable shipping containers and platforms for height advantage. The outside area is open while the bombsites favor close combat.

Update History

July 1, 2014
July 16, 2014
  • Removed collisions on red light above B doorway (Long B).
  • Simplified drill tower bases and pipes based on Operation feedback.
  • Fixed lighting issues on warehouse support beams.


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