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The blowtorch zone is an area where the player can use their blowtorch. When reached, a luminescent icon representing a blowtorch will appear. It will be red if the player is not wielding the device, and green if they are. Some blowtorch zones share the same area with stealth zones.

Appearances in Deleted Scenes[]

Counter Terrorist Training[]

It appears during the Special Equipment Training, it a simple door with a lock. In order to be breached to lock has to be destroyed, this will allow the player to proceed to the next room.

In-game screenshots[]

Lost Cause[]

It appears in the first part of the mission, after picking the blowtorch in the guard house. It is a manhole with a simple lock.

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Building Recon[]

Several blowtorch zones appears during this mission.

  • The first appears right after climbing the first ladder in the mission. It is a door with a simple lock.
    • (Note that if breached the guard sleeping the guard house will wake to check the area then return to his sleep.
  • The second is an access to an air vent. It a simple duct with a lock.
  • The Third is a hole blocked by metallic pipes.
  • The fourth is again a duct with a simple lock.

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Thin Ice[]

Only one blowtorch zone appears in this mission, it is a kitchen door with a simple lock. It appears at the start of the mission right in front of the player.

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Pipe Dream[]

Only one blowtorch zone appears during this mission, it is located near the block where the Pipeline personnel are held captive.

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