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OK, lads. We're going into a Broken Arrow situation—a missing nuke—possibly in the hands of a suspected terrorist group. RAF Intel has identified a warehouse where the weapon could possibly be located, but it's dodgy. We'll have to go in to verify the presence of the device. We're going in silent at first, since we have no solid information on this terrorist group, or if the bomb is actually in their hands. So, belt up—if a bomb is located, we will engage enemy forces and capture the weapon. Right lads, let's get this show on the road.

Building Recon is the fourth mission featured in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. It is the first appearance of the British SAS and the second appearance of the Arctic Avengers.


At 16:37 hours in the 3rd floor of police headquarters in Ventspils, Latvia, the player enters a small office with a SAS team. The leader explains that there are unconfirmed rumors that a nuclear weapon is located in a local warehouse, and that they need to be stealthy until they ensure that the terrorists are in possession of a bomb.

The player must infiltrate the building undetected before any action can take place. Like Lost Cause, being spotted will end the mission in failure.

A few terrorists seem to carry on random conversations while the player infiltrates. As the player enters the building, the player is required to take a picture of the nuke to ensure its location. After the nuke is confirmed, the rest of the SAS team infiltrates full force, but the bomb itself has been removed by the fleeing leader. After a long chase, the leader has finally planted the nuke in an abandoned church, and the player is left alone to kill the leader and nearby terrorists and defuse the nuke before it detonates.


  1. Infiltrate warehouse undetected, locate, and photograph the missing nuke.
  2. Go after the leader and recover the nuke.
  3. Eliminate all opposition.
  4. Defuse the nuclear bomb.

Weapons & Equipment



Icon Equipment
Fiber optic camera Fiber optic camera
Blowtorch Blowtorch
Camera Camera
Kevlar Kevlar



Icon Weapon Ammo Where to Found
Knife Knife 1 Found at the end of the infiltration phrase
MAC-10 MAC-10 30 / 60 .45 Found at the end of the infiltration phrase, near the room that player needs to use his Camera.
Night Hawk .50C Night Hawk .50C 7 / 14 .50 Found at the end of the infiltration phrase, where a MAC-10 and a Knife is also found.
M4A1 Colt M4A1 Carbine 30 / 90 5.56 Found near a SAS operative at the side as well as in the church during the boss fight
.40 Dual Elites .40 Dual Elites 30 / 120 9mm Found beyond a cracked wall
LAW M72 LAW 1 / 5 66mm Four are found beyond from the underground cottage, shortly after the T-90 encounter. A hidden fifth one can be found near where a sniper stood his position.
M249 M249 100 / 120 5.56 Found nearby an enemy's M2 Browning Machine Gun
Schmidt Scout Schmidt Scout 10 / 30 7.62 Found at a bed
M2 M2 Browning Machine Gun N/A Used for assaulting a huge wave of terrorist members, near the second part where the player's teammates start ground assault.
CV-47 CV-47 30 / 30 7.62 Found beyond the first door where a terrorist member emerges, on a weapon crate


Equipment that can be found by the player during this mission consists of:

HE Grenade HE Grenade This grenade can be found four times during this mission.
Flashbang Flashbang This grenade can be found once during this mission.
Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade This grenade can be found once during this mission.

AI Player

British SAS

There are three British SAS models used in this mission. The models and their weapons are:

  • Appears during the first fight with first M2-user enemy. The commander uses a M60.
Standard operative
  • The normal assistant squad that use:
    • Maverick M4A1 Carbine - During the first ambush. Consists of five operatives.
    • Schmidt Scout - During the first ambush seen on the top near the Camera zone, only one is seen carry this weapon.
    • K&M Sub-Machine Gun - Dropped by a helicopter to help the player engaging a large group of enemies. Consists of three operatives.
  • Appears as a hacker who is hacking the code to open a garage during the first ambush. The weapon that used by him is the K&M .45 Tactical, and he will also throw a HE Grenade if he spots an enemy.

Arctic Avengers

There are several models of Arctic Avengers used in this mission. The models and their weapons are:

Russian Boss
  • The Arctic Avenger Boss is the last man the player fights during this mission.
  • He has high health and is hard to kill. Approximately 30-rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO caliber is used to kill him.
  • He is the one who is responsible for fleeing out with the nuke and planting it at an abandoned church.
  • The weapon he uses is a M60.
  • Sometimes he will shoot at the player even if he is not in the church and will always flee than attacked by the player.
Low-resolution For some reason, this mission uses several low-resolution Terrorist models. This model uses:

Grey balaclava Terror model uses:

Redstripe balaclava Leet model uses:

Urban Guerilla model uses:

Dark grey balaclava Militia model uses:

Spectacle Arctic model uses:

Ammunition & Medkit


Types of ammunition found in this mission:

9mm 9mm Parabellum Discovered with the Elites in a large amount (120). There is no additional ammo for the rest of the mission.
.45 .45 ACP 4 ammo boxes are found in this mission
5.56 5.56x45mm NATO For the M4A1, several small clips and large boxes. For the M249, 2 60-round belts are in boxes.
.50 .50 Action Express Several found in the beginning. Rarely found later.
7.62 7.62x51mm NATO Discovered starting from the appearance of the Scout. The AK-47 also uses this ammo.


Types and frequency of appearance of the medical kit in this mission:

First Aid Kit First Aid Kit 4
Wall attached medkit Wall attached medkit 6

In-game screenshots





Mission Notes

  • If you are too slow to take a picture of the nuke, the mission will fail. If the camera zone disappears, you have already failed the mission.
  • Be careful when using the M2 Browning Machine Gun. If a friendly operative stands in front of the weapon when you use it, they will brand you as a traitor, then attack you.
  • The first enemy M2 gunner will not be killed until an allied Harrier attacks his position. Take cover when he's firing at you.
  • A box full of ammo can be secretly found in this mission, near the Tank.
  • The nuke in the church is timed. The countdown will start after you fight the boss in the church.
  • After taking out the tank with the M72 LAW, grab another one to take out the boss in the end. It saves enough time for the nuke to be defused.
  • Also, if you are too slow to defuse the nuclear bomb while engaging the enemy after 30 seconds it will explode and then you may result in a mission failure.
  • Do not press any red buttons during the infiltration part, as they are alarm buttons. Pressing any of them will cause the mission to fail. If the player is seen by any of the Terrorists for too long, they will also press these buttons and cause the mission to fail.


  • Six individual maps are used in this mission.
  • This is the only mission where the British SAS operatives wear winter uniforms.
    • A SAS operative with a desert camo helmet and winter uniform can be seen in this mission. He's hiding next to the area where the player's teammates will perish.
      • However, if the player act fast enough, the teammates will survive.
    • A dead SAS operative with an original uniform can be seen. He's located to the area where the vent will break when the player walks inside it.
  • The player can destroy the tank with a HE Grenade by aiming at the turret of the tank, and the tank will be destroyed when simply hit by the grenade instead of the explosion, probably because of an engine bug.
  • This is the only mission the MAC-10 and the M249 can be obtained.
  • Some cables for the alarm buttons can be destroyed, rendering the alarm button useless. However since the player is normally unarmed during the infiltration part, this cannot be achieved during normal gameplay. It's possible that this was a cut feature that the player originally could sabotage alarm buttons to prevent enemies sounding the alarm and continue the mission with alerted enemies.
  • The Condition Zero map Vostok is based on this mission.
  • If a SAS operative (who is not following the player) accidentally injures the player with the presence of other SAS operatives that are following the player, the operatives will attack the one who accidentally injured you. This is noticeable on a injured operative who may shoot the enemies after the door is opened.
  • This is the first map to have 54 low resolution terrorists. The other mission is Motorcade Assault and the third is Rise Hard.
  • When killing the team leader at the start of the mission (by spawning a weapon through cheats), the leader will appear dead although his scripted movements will still function.
    • Because the operatives are unarmed (with the exception of one operative who is guarding the door), they will constantly reload invisible weapons when a player kills an ally.
  • The wounded ally that appears next to a hacker can still attack Terrorists, even though he is not supposed to do. He will switch from crouching position (firing) to a wounded position (hold fire).
  • If the Terrorist at the window of the church is killed, he will fall and end up being impaled on the cross and the church gate will open. Strangely, his Magnum Sniper Rifle will turn into an K&M Sub-Machine Gun
  • The intro music for the Motorcade Assault mission can be heard in this mission when the player encountered the T-90.
  • Even if the player is fast enough to destroy the T-90. His teammates will still die once they reached their position. Attempting to "save" them may result the game crash.
  • If the player enables cheats (sv_cheats 1) in the console during the very beginning of the mission and uses noclip out of the map near the briefing room, hostile battle voicelines from the SAS are spoken, even though they are not actually shooting at the player.
  • This is the only mission featuring the camera.
  • In the nuclear warhead that is in the warehouse has the numbers 666. Which is the Number of the beast.