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The Bump Mine is an equipment added in the April 30, 2019 update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Bump Mine is a landmine that produces extremely strong push forces upon detonation. Pressing the primary fire key with the Bump Mine equipped will throw the bump mine, where it will be deployed upon contact with any surface or player, sticking to the surface or the player. A deployed Bump Mine can be retrieved by holding the interact key when aiming at the mine. Dealing damage to a deployed bump mine can destroy the mine.

After a very short delay, the mine activates and will explode when a player enters the range of detonation. The explosion deals no damage, but instead produces a very strong force that pushes all nearby players away. The explosion will also destroy breakable objects such as doors and vents. Aside from the expected fall damage, flying players also can be damaged if they impact a surface with enough speed, including walls.

The Bump Mine can be used either as a conventional landmine to surprise and disrupt enemies, or it can be intentionally used for quick traversal.


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