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This page is about the game mechanic. For the firing tactic, see Recoil#Tactics.

Burst is a special feature of the Glock-18 and the FAMAS. Burst is a fire mode available to the FMAS and the Glock-18. For those weapons, the "Alternate Fire" button switches between Automatic and Burst Fire modes. When in Burst Fire mode, these weapons fire 3 rounds with each click of the primary fire button. These rounds have little to no recoil between them and have a very high first shot accuracy, making them quite accurate and a good way of scoring multiple headshots. It also increases their rate of fire during the burst, but creates a longer delay in-between individual bursts, decreasing the overall rate of fire.

Unlike full-auto firing, burst-firing does not use a preset table of recoil values. Instead, the recoil of every single shot is randomized within a certain low and predictable region, making it impossible to truly compensate them but still easy to control.

In earlier games, holding down the firing button while in burst mode will cause the player to repeatedly fire bursts. From Source onwards, only one burst is fired per trigger pull.

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In Global Offensive, a distinctive sound is heard when switching from automatic to burst and vice versa. Additionally status of burst fire mode is displayed on HUD, above reserve ammunition counter during in game.

Bots never use burst mode and instead, they fire their weapons slowly at long range. However, bots will use burst fire mode if they pick up a weapon up that was used by a human player if the firing mode was set in burst mode. If they do fire in burst mode, they will appear notably overpowered due to their fairly excellent accuracy.


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