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Chokes enemies. Don't forget to buy a gas mask.
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The CS Grenade or Gas Grenade is a grenade cut from Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Overview and development

  • The CS Grenade was originally to be included in both Gearbox's version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and in the planned patch for Counter-Strike. As Gearbox Software failed to meet to deadline for their game, the project was scrapped along with the grenade. Only two HUD and a kill icon remain in the game files.
  • The idea was later reconsidered when Ritual Entertainment acquired Gearbox's assets for their version of the game but was ultimately cut. HUD icons remain in the game files along with a viewmodel and worldmodel and several mentions within the DLL files.[2]


  • The CS Grenade would release a cloud of gas that would damage anyone that passes through it. The effects could also stay for a couple seconds out of the gas.
  • The only way a player would gain immunity to the gas produced by the CS Grenade was to buy the cut Gas mask.
  • Although both grenades have similar effects, the Molotov cocktail did not have a counter-equipment. The Gas Mask would negate the effects of CS Grenade permanently.
  • The CS Grenade producing a smoke would cause ill-equipped targets to cough, revealing their position.


  • CS refers to the CS gas, a tear gas commonly used as a riot control agent, often dispersed via tear gas grenades.
  • The CS grenade in both games is modeled after the M7A3 CS gas grenade.
    • The HE grenade, flashbang, and smoke grenade models in the GoldSrc games are all re-textured versions of the CS grenade model, featuring different color stripes.


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