This map group features 5 of the current selection of 11 Bomb Scenario maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (excluding Dust II), the other 6 being in the Delta group.

Current Map Pool

The current Defusal Group Sigma Map Pool features 5 maps :

  1. Anubis
  2. Chlorine
  3. Vertigo
  4. Cobblestone
  5. Canals

Map Pool History

The Defusal Group Sigma Map Pool has changed through updates and some maps were removed completely from the game such as : Abbey, Biome, Ruby, Seaside

Before the November 13, 2017 update, the map pool was called Reserves , but then it was split to Delta and Defusal Group Sigma. The list of maps featured in this group is :

  1. Cobblestone
  2. Zoo
  3. Canals
  4. Vertigo
  5. Abbey
  6. Biome
  7. Ruby
  8. Seaside
  9. Aztec
  10. Dust
  11. Anubis
  12. Chlorine

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