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Csgo PortraitsTurner
Chase Turner
Biographical information
Died 2015, Agency
during Hunts End
Function(s) / Belongings
Occupation Commander
Sponsor Valeria Jenner
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Phoenix Connexion

Coalition Taskforce (Formerly)

Game information
Entity / spawn codes



Nice to meet you, I’m Chase Turner. I wish I had time to give a fancy speech but we got a problem. Sebastien Hennequet has sent an Operator named Jackson to assassinate Valeria. Nothing is more important than her survival.
―Chase, introducing himself

Chase Turner is a character featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during Operation Bloodhound.


Chase was originally part of the Coalition Taskforce, trained by Sebastien Hennequet as a master sniper. He was convinced to defect to the Phoenix Connexion by Valeria Jenner, and defected during Operation Vanguard. His defection resulted in a campaign to assassinate him. He serves as the main target of the Marksman campaign.

After Sergei is killed, Turner mobilizes his sect of the Phoenix Connexion. He successfully captures Lord William - one of the Taskforce's greatest supporters, defends his hostage from Coalition rescuers, and kills William. Inspired by this victory, Turner's Phoenix sect attacks targets across the globe, taking many hostages. His terror campaign ended when he was killed in an FBI attack on the Agency during Hunts End.

In gameplay, he works similar to Sergei. One player will be randomly chosen as Turner, becoming the target for the mission. Chase Turner appears as a Professional wearing a battlemask.



  • When Turner is killed in Hunts End, all briefings mentioning or conducted by Turner (excluding Hunts End) change to reflect his death.

List of appearances

  • Operation Bloodhound (First appearance)
  • Operation Wildfire (Mentioned only)

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