Css chateau big
Creator(s) Chris Ashton (original author) Cs t
Ido Magal (original author) Cs t
Ritual Entertainment Csx t Cscz t
Turtle Rock Studios Csx t Cscz t
Valve Corporation Css t
Game(s) Cs t Csx t Cscz t Css t
Scenario Bomb defusal
Terrorists Guerilla Warfare
Counter-Terrorists SAS
First appearance Counter-Strike 1.4
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Source
Chateau (de_chateau) is a bomb defusal map featured in the Counter-Strike series. It is included with every game except Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Official Description

Terrorists: After the loss of Cobble, Lord Williams is rebuilding his summer chateau. You must prevent his remodeling. Plant the C4 at either the front, or the rear courtyard.

Counter-Terrorists: Protect Lord Williams' investment and prevent the Terrorists from destroying his new home.



This map was built by Chris "MacMan" Ashton and Ido Magal. It was added into the game starting from version 1.4. Dave Johnston didn't involve in the development, so it was an unofficial sequel to Cobble.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Main article: Chateau/Tour of Duty
Ritual Entertainment didn't have sufficient time to edit this map and made only a few changes. However, this map has been chosen to be the tenth map in Tour of Duty campaign mode. The only changes made in this Condition Zero version is the lighting at Bombsite A was slightly changed, the bombsite A spray mark on the ground has been removed, and the ramp to bombsite A has been made straight, no longer crooked.

Counter-Strike: Source

The map was rebuilt for Source by Valve Corporation. There are only small changes in this version.

Tips and tricks

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  • To camp bomb site A, camp it from the upper level.
  • The middle way is a shortcut, but remember, the broken planks of wood will make you easily detected.
  • Bomb site B has many camping areas. Make sure to check all possible camping sites before plating the bomb.


Chateau Map Veteran css Chateau Map Veteran
Win 100 rounds on the DE_Chateau map.


  • Using noclip at the bombsite A and entering the door with the collapsed front reveals an unusual secret. 
  • A huge portrait, supposedly of Lord Williams, can be seen in the wine cellar.