Maybe I’m looking for you to test my wares... perhaps I’m judging how well you follow instructions... or maybe I just really hate chickens.

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The chicken is an animal used as a running gag throughout the Counter-Strike series. It has appeared in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and the series' latest installment, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When attacked, it will let out a squawk and disappear, only to leave a few bloody feathers behind.


Counter-Strike & Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

In both games, two chickens appear in Italy's Market. One is located to the left of the CT Spawn connection while the other is located next to the corner with two barrels in it, in the second connection to the middle. They will spawn or respawn when a player runs past their spawn points.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes

  • A chicken appears as a hidden Easter Egg in Secret War. It is located on top of the silo entrance near the .40 Dual Elites. One pile of boxes will have a single metallic crate stacked on top of three others against the wall. Once said box is destroyed, the chicken will be exposed. If killed (by being shot or hit a single time) it will make several sheep bleating noises, gibbing and spreading feathers on the spot.
  • Another chicken also appears in Motorcade Assault, while in the sewers, the first tunnel in which the player enters will have a stack of boxes by its end. Climbing on top of them will allow the player to see the chicken hidden behind them. If killed, it will make a headshot sound.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Although still playing as a comical role in the game, chickens are far more prominent in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. They are no longer simple static animals like their previous iterations, but are mobile and have AI. They move around freely and make squawking noises if approached by players while running (not when walking or crouch-walking), or if shot at. If shot, they will puff into a cloud of feathers and flesh.

Two variants appear, brown feathered and white feathered.

Despite being simply critters used as a joke or map decorations, chickens caused problems with their AI and noise often causing enemy and allied positions to be revealed. While they won't block players, weapons and throwables, chickens can block bullets and can obstruct a player's aim if the player is at lower ground (such as on Inferno). The obstruction will also impact/completely block the weapon's damage as well (especially the AWP where the damage is either reduced by 30% to the point where an enemy can survive a single chest shot if the target has full health or completely nullify damage and alert the victim). They can also block doors, in which a door will open toward the player or in extreme cases, if the chickens are placed on both sides, they can completely prevent usage of a door.

After the August 29, 2013 update, the squawking noise of the chickens was reduced and chickens only get startled if a player jumps near them (only if they have a clear line of sight and only have 50% chance to run off) or if it hears a gunshot or a knife primary swing. Oddly enough, running near them will not startle them, neither will firing the silenced USP-S and M4A1-S. Sounds produced by Decoy Grenade will not startle them, but the throwing procedure will startle if it's done near them. When startled, chickens will run between 128 and 192 units (2-3 crate width) before they become passive.[1]

After the April 27, 2016 update, a Hostage behavior similar to that found in older games was added to chickens. When a player aims at a chicken and hits their USE key (E by default), the chicken will start following the player; if somebody kills that player's chicken the chat will display the message:

Your chicken has been killed.
She was yours for X seconds.

Critters & Props


Chickens always spawn in Deathmatch, regardless of the map. 1 point is awarded should a player kill one. Even though the reward is meager and rarely sought after, it can still allow players to tip the scale of Deathmatch games.

Holidays & Special Events

Chickens have additional cosmetics or altered looks during holidays and special events.

  • During the 2013 Halloween update, Chickens wore a ghost sheet.
  • Starting August 21, 2014, every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive birthday features chickens wearing birthday hats and exploding into confetti when killed.
  • During the Winter Offensive Update, chickens either had Santa Hats or Antlers attached to their head.
  • During the 2014 Halloween update, killing a chicken makes it respawn as a zombie chicken appearing with green feathers, yellow eyes, and twisted feet. It digs itself out of the ground when spawning, crawls slowly with its wings leaning forth and explodes in a green cloud of feathers when killed again.
  • During the 2015 Winter Update chickens are given sweaters featuring winged cutters motives on the top (Counter-Terrorist emblem) and double crossed knives motives on the bottom (Terrorist emblem).
  • Starting with the March 17, 2016 update, chickens are given rabbit ears and are given a bunny hopping animation.
  • During Halloween 2016 Update, chickens were given a pumpkin mask.
  • During the 2016 Winter Update, Chickens were yet again given a sweater, albeit with the color changed from red to green.
  • During the 2017 Easter, chickens are given rabbit ears and are given a bunny hopping (similar to the previous event) but when they're scared, they now drop easter eggs (see gallery for all eggs models)

Campaign missions

Main article: Vanguard

Supply Run: Deathmatch, Operation Vanguard  (203)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Get confirmed chicken kills in Operation Vanguard matches.
Remaining kills :  20
Set vertigo

Vertigo Collection

Main article: Eurasia Theater

Supply Run: Deathmatch, Active Duty  (102)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Get confirmed chicken kills in Active Duty matches.
Remaining kills :  20

Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

Main article: Marksman

The Prodigal Son  (506)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Score 50 SSG 08 human or chicken kills in Deathmatch: Op. Bloodhound Group matches.

300 XP
+3 XP per kill-when the target is a chicken.

Brief Audio
“The man we hunt is Chase Turner. He was a friend to many of us, and a protégé of mine… the most gifted sniper I ever trained. Valeria’s words have twisted him beyond recognition, and when the time comes it will fall on us to put him down. Let’s begin your training with the SSG08.”
Sebastien Hennequet
Csgo-op bloodhound sebastien 506 radio
Alternate Brief Audio
“Chase Turner was a friend to many of us, and a protégé of mine… I take no joy in his death, but he had to be put down. Ah, we mustn’t dwell in the past… but look towards the future.”
Sebastien Hennequet
Csgo-op bloodhound sebastien 506 turner radio

Fowl Play  (530)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
As a Counter-Terrorist, score 300 chicken kills in Deathmatch: Op. Bloodhound Group matches.

600 XP
+1 XP per kill-when in a chicken kill streak of 2 or more.

Brief Audio
“What do you say we do a little Zen exercise? While you’re on the field, hunt some chickens for me. Naturally I’m sure you’re wondering why I’d ask for something so ludicrous. Maybe I’m looking for you to test my wares… perhaps I’m judging how well you follow instructions… or maybe I just really hate chickens. Either way, do what I ask and you will be rewarded.”
Csgo-op bloodhound booth 530 radio

Main article: Wildfire

Operation: Falling Sky  (704)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Score chicken kills in Deathmatch: Mikla matches.

200 XP
+10 XP per kill-when in a chicken kill streak of 2 or more.

Brief Audio
“I'll make no excuses or pretenses: I hate chickens. Hate them. I want them off my battlefield.”
Felix Riley
Op07 704

Bugs & Glitches

  • In the GoldSrc versions of games, chickens may glitch once the round is reset post-mortem.
    • If a chicken is killed, it may respawn in the middle of the round. When it does, the chicken is non-solid and cannot be killed until the next round.
    • The chicken is invisible, but it is solid and can be killed.
  • In Deathmatch on Mirage, chickens may get stuck in the shop in Underpass.
  • On Inferno, chickens that fall into the Mexican Tunnel sometimes get accelerated to higher speeds than normal for a chicken.


  • The Xbox Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source are the only games in the series to not include chickens.
  • The GoldSrc chicken's model, textures, and death cluck were taken from a Quake II mod named "Catch the Chicken".[2][3]
  • Separatists, Booth, and Felix Riley all express hatred of chickens.
  • In the map called (de_rotterdam), There are 2 seagulls around the map, They are behaving like (Chickens) in (Italy), and they can be killed, The seagull was used for the last version of this map (de_rotterdam2).


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