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The Clutch Case is a weapon case featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes and 24 new glove finishes.

Released as part of the February 15, 2018 update. It requires a Clutch Case Key to be opened.



Hydra Gloves

Driver Gloves

Hand Wraps

Moto Gloves

Specialist Gloves

Sport Gloves


  • "SWAG-7" is term used by community to referring MAG-7.
  • The contents of this case were leaked pre-release by using Steam workshop's exploit which allows normal users to see skins tagged with 'adminonly' tag in the Steam Workshop. The bug was later fixed, and it is no longer possible to see items in upcoming cases.[1]
  • The USP-S | Cortex has "USP" written on its silencer.
  • The Glock-18 | Moonrise has a very small chance of showing a star on it, just like the UMP-45 | Moonrise in the Prisma Case.