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Cooperative Strike, also known as Co-op Strike, is a cooperative game mode first introduced in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as part of the Operation Wildfire Gemini Campaign.

Like Guardian, it is exclusively available through Operation missions, but can be easily accessed through the console.


In Co-op Strike, 2 players progress through story-driven scenarios fighting against AI controlled terrorist enemies. Unique enemies like the Heavy Phoenix can be found in this mode. As the players progress, they will receive updates on the story from a voice over the radio, similar to Weapons Course.

The maps in this mode are designed specifically for Co-op Strike, having unique objectives and elements not found on other maps. The players do not buy weapons or equipment, and instead simply pick them up from the map, with the map providing a starting area for players to gear up.

The map is divided into several areas, and the players cannot progress to the next area until the current area is cleared out and/or its objective is completed. The amount of remaining enemies in an area is always announced by the player characters in the radio upon a kill. Dead players will respawn when an area is cleared.

Missions have their own time limit that starts when the players deploy into the map after leaving the starting area. The mission fails when both players die or when the time runs out.

Friendly fire and team collision is off.

At the end of a game, the players' scores are allocated. The remaining time, player accuracy, headshot percentage, and damage taken are all taken into account. There are also four team bonuses:

  1. No Deaths
  2. Collected All Coins
  3. Pistols Only
  4. Completed On Hard Mode

Each Co-op strike mission features three Collectable Coins that adds 5,000 points to the players' Final Team Score when all three are collected.

Each mission also features a hard mode. This mode can be selected in the lobby where players can choose their weapons before the mission starts. There is normally a lever hidden somewhere which may require some exploring and thought. The Hard mode replaces enemies with Elite variants that have faster reaction, smarter AI, and higher accuracy. that award bonus points when accomplished. Players may replay to get a better score, and these scores are displayed on the Mission Leaderboards on the Main menu and in the Operation Journal for Operation Wildfire missions.

Exclusive Equipment[]


The map prefix for Co-op Strike maps is coop_. It shares the same prefix as some custom community Co-op game modes.


  • The Enemy NPCs in the current Co-op Strike missions have their own exclusive battle chatter that cannot be heard in other game modes.

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