Halloween Cobblestone (de_cobblestone) is Halloween version of Cobblestone, released on October 23, 2018 update. This version is a Halloween themed version of original map with some major gameplay changes. 

Overview and Changes

The map had its visuals changed to Halloween themed ones, with candles, coffins and a large bonfire in the Courtyard. The night theme makes some areas darker and camouflages enemies. A new ambient wind sound is also added.

Gameplay Changes

This version underwent large gameplay changes. For start, original T Spawn and area leading to B Halls was removed. Terrorists now spawn in the tunnel next to original Terrorist Spawn. The large Courtyard is slightly changed with a large bonfire instead of a fountain and some gravestones near Underpass for more cover. Long A Arch is blocked, so Terrorists must jump to the Long from the stairs. Underpass door has been removed and a window was added on the opposite wall for throwing grenades. Connector which used to connect Underpass and Long A is removed.

The A Bombsite itself is now moved to the front, and the original A Bombsite is entirely removed. Bombsite is now situated around a cart with some coffins. A wall was slightly extended to minimize the sightline from Long A to the site.

Bombsite B also had some changes. Long B now has stacked coffins in the middle for cover, and the crate at the balcony was also replaced with a much smaller coffin. B Drop is now more open and has a stack of coffins allowing Counter-Terrorists to climb up alone instead of boosting. 


  • The bonfire has invisible walls around to prevent players from burning themselves. However, jumping while being close to the bonfire can damage players.[1]
  • Prior to the 10/29/18 update, the thumbnail of the map contained a few lines of developer console text on the upper left corner. In that update, the developer console text was removed, and an easter egg was added in its place. At the top left corner where the developer console text originally was, a new hidden line of text is placed, saying "LOOK IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT". The bottom right corner of the image shows the line "NOW LOOK IN THE BARRELS". Hidden amongst the pile of barrels at the bottom left of the screen is the line "GAZE AT THE MOON". On the moon, the text "BOO" can be seen near its bottom edge, accompanied by the face of "Ido", the Balkan character depicted in the image File:T balkan.png on the Counter-Strike wiki and a community meme.[2][3]


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