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The CS:GO Pins available for purchase to event attendees

Collectable Pins are physical and virtual collectible items available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Collectable Pins were added as part of the February 26, 2015 update and are available to purchase at Valve-sponsored competitions such as ESL One or DreamHack tournaments or Valve-sponsored promotional events. Attendees of such events can purchase a physical collectible pin package.[1] Much like Global Offensive weapon cases, the package contains a single randomly selected pin. The package also contains a redemption code redeemable for a virtual pin capable of being displayed on the user's in-game profile much like coins. The virtual pins appear embossed to mimic their real-life counterparts.

After the May 31, 2016 update, players could purchase the Collectible Pin Series 1 Capsule when it was offered in-game. Players could also attain pins by purchasing the real counter-parts from , which gives you a unique Steam key to activate. This allowed players to attain Genuine collectible pins.

After the December 19, 2017 update, the 3rd series of the collectable pins were added.


Series 1

  • Nuke
  • Train
  • Guardian
  • Tactics
  • Italy
  • Militia
  • Victory
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Dust II
  • Guardian Elite

Series 2

  • Phoenix Pin
  • Guardian 2 Pin
  • Bravo Pin
  • Baggage Pin
  • Tactics
  • Overpass Pin
  • Office Pin
  • Cobblestone Pin
  • Cache Pin
  • Bloodhound Pin
  • Valeria Phoenix Pin (Valeria Pin)
  • Chroma Pin

Series 3

  • Guardian 3 Pin
  • Canals Pin
  • Welcome to the Clutch Pin
  • Death Sentence Pin
  • Inferno 2 Pin
  • Wildfire Pin
  • Easy Peasy Pin
  • Aces High Pin
  • Hydra Pin
  • Howl Pin
  • Brigadier General Pin


  • During the ESL One Katowice 2015 tournament, noted caster Anders Blume was seen wearing all of the CS:GO pins, and remarked, "It has become an addiction at this point." [2]

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