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The Community Sticker Series 2 is a collection of stickers created by community artists.

Formerly, players were given a special coupon in their inventory. If used within seven days, the player is presented with the option to keep a randomly selected sticker from the collection by purchasing the claim tag. The coupon is not received as a drop during play and cannot be traded. If the player does not wish to buy the sticker, the coupon will disappear from the player's inventory.[1]

This feature has since been removed, and players can directly purchase the stickers from the In-game Store, purchased through the Steam Community Market, or traded from another player.


Perfect World[]

(Discontinued) Offer Coupon[]


  • This is the first sticker collection to not feature any Holo or Foil stickers.
  • Scraping the Dont Worry Im Pro sticker enough times will eventually cause a smiley face to form in the center of the sticker from tiny bits of unscraped paper.

Update History

September 30, 2014
  • Undocumented: The Community Sticker Collection 2 was added to the game
October 2, 2014
  • Undocumented: Added T on Cat sticker to the Community Sticker Collection 2