Counter-Strike Wiki

Patch Notes[]

  • Updated weapons based on performance metrics
    • Slightly increased the damage for the Five-seveN to keep it on par with other pistols.
    • Lowered the max width of the recoil patterns for the MG's to make them better for their price point.
    • Lowered the spread on the Negev to be more in line with the M249.
  • Improvements have been made to burst fire and tapping.
  • Added player spawns to all maps to support up to 30 players.
  • Player spawns are now randomly selected from a prioritized list of spawn locations in order to better support more players per map.
  • Adjusted bot behavior to fix the “antline” looking behavior.
  • Added support for server operators to specify tick rate with the –tickrate parameter.
  • Physics simulation tick rate now set to be the same as the game tick interval.
  • Bullet tracers have had improvements made to speed, visual effect, and frequency. 
  • Chickens added to Inferno.
[ UI ]
  •  The Server Browser sorts Favorites and Lan tabs by ping rather than Tags.
  •  The radar will no longer display an ‘X’ for dying players when they are not within sight of the player or player’s teammate.
  •  Weapons with a burst mode will now show which state the gun is in on the ammo panel.
  •  Input device is now locked to whatever device launched the game session.
  •  Updated the Kevlar and Kevlar + Helmet buy menu images.
  •  Updated the Domination icons.
[ Audio ]
  •  Footsteps update position more often by shifting position determination to client side entity tracking.
  •  Tuned ambient sounds in most maps
[ Bug Fixes ]
  •  Fixed a bug with individual pistol round-based achievements. They can only be earned in Classic game mode now.
  •  Fix for changing video settings while in game sometimes causing a deadlock.
  •  Added a popup message triggered when a player attempts to initiate a vote on a server with voting disable. 
  •  Fixed bug where player's nav area would be reported as being on the floor below them causing the radar location to be displayed incorrectly.
  •  Fixed several UI related crash issues.
  •  Third party map and _SE map names no longer display in the scoreboard with the #SFUI_MAP_ localization token.