Patch Notes


  • Fixed a few cases where reserve ammo was shared between multiple weapons. All weapons now individually handle their own reserve ammo.
  • sv_autobuyammo now defaults to 0.
  • If a player spawns with a smoke grenade in classic competitive, it counts toward their maximum smoke grenade purchases for that round (i.e., they cannot purchase a second smoke grenade).
  • Fixed HE grenade particle system drawing improperly sometimes with other particle systems (like smokes volumes).


  • Added 10 new community sticker offers, and a new community sticker capsule featuring work by Enfu.
  • Added support for alternative voice communication codecs. While running a server, use +sv_voicecodec vaudio_celt to use the CELT voice codec, instead of the Speex codec which is used by default.
  • Added support for Phong on world materials. See Train for examples of such materials.

Patch #2

  • Fixed the majority of crashing issues from the original patch[1]

Patch #3

  • Fixed various other issues from the original patch[2]


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