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Patch Notes[]

[ MISC ]

  • In addition to TKing, you can now be kicked/banned in two different ways for team hurting:
    • For doing an unusual amount of damage in a short amount of time.
    • For doing an excessive amount of team damage over the course of the match.
  • Partial inferno extinguishing now properly puts out flamelets.
  • Molly/Inc Grenade fire now goes out slightly faster when extinguished and updated the overall effects a bit.
  • Fixed an edge case where the alerts panel would show on round start for a frame.
  • Changed default tv_delay to 10s.
  • Changed default tv_delaymapchange to 1. This postpones the post-match level change by the tv_delay amount to ensure that the broadcast to GOTV clients is complete. NOTE: Manually quitting the server or changing the level while the broadcast is still ongoing will kill the feed to all GOTV relays and GOTV clients and your spectators will miss the end of the match. It's best to let the system's timer run out on its own or wait for as many seconds as you have tv_delay set for.
  • Replaced hard-coded 'E' observer use command with '+use'
  • Tweaked autodirector based on feedback.
  • Added item purchases to server log.
  • Decoy grenade changes
    • Reduced price to $50.
    • Reduced fire rate and extended life span to make it less identifiable as a decoy.
    • Physically looks more like a flashbang to allow fakes.
  • Fixed assists displaying the assister's name twice in the server log.
  • Reduced default value of sv_clockcorrection_msecs to 30 and whitelisted the convar (thanks J3di)
  • Reorganized net_graph options:
    • 0: off
    • 1: Competitively allowable data.
    • 2: Additional In/Out data.
    • 3: Additional real-time graphing.
  • Added net_graph to convars restricted by sv_competitive_minspec ( allowable values are 0 and 1 )
  • Valve can now assign official violations cooldown to accounts
  • Added a game server convar sv_kick_players_with_cooldown (default=1)
    • 0: allow all players to play on game server
    • 1: kick players with official assigned violation
    • 2: kick players with any competitive cooldown