Counter-Strike Wiki

Patch Notes[]


- Fixed graphics regression that caused smoke and molotov particle effects to appear fully transparent.

- Fixed client crash on startup on Intel GPUs.

- New users now default to Borderless Windowed mode.


- Fixed 'self-boost' movement regression.

- Fixed players not respawning on round restart if they were in the middle of jumping up onto a platform that would force them to duck.

- Fixed bullet penetration damage regression.

- Fixed molotov not detonating in mid air in non DZ modes.


– The winner of the match now watches their victory from the perspective of the runner up.

– In duo and trio matches teammates are now notified with an onscreen alert if one of them dies.

– Adjusted–and added volume slider for–winner music.

– Recent Teammates now shows teammates from Danger Zone matches.

– Players searching count now shows correct number of people searching for Danger Zone matches.

Danger Zone

– Fixed an issue in squad mode that caused the winning squad to not be able to play again from the victory screen.

– Added correct localizations for kills by Frag Grenade, Diversion Device, and Fire Bomb.

– Fixed a regression with motion blur graphics settings.

– Optimized memory usage when not playing Danger Zone.

Community Servers

– Added a setting “sv_prime_accounts_only”. When enabled, only prime accounts can connect to the game server.

– Added console commands to support Danger Zone squads:

— sv_dz_team_count N : set DZ team size to N players per squad.

— sv_dz_jointeam_allowed 1: enable users to choose their own squad during warmup via dz_jointeam.

— sv_dz_autojointeam 0: disable players from automatically being assigned a squad when they join the server.

— dz_clearteams – remove players from all squads.

— dz_shuffle_teams – shuffle all players onto random squads.

— dz_jointeam N : Join squad #N (0 = none, valid squads range from 1 to 9).

— dz_jointeam N : Server admins only – assign a player to a particular squad. Doesn't require sv_dz_jointeam_allowed.

– dz_jointeam only works during warmup. Use dz_clearteams / sv_dz_autojointeam 0 with care

— all players must be assigned a valid squad when the game starts.