Patch Notes

[ CZ75-Auto ]

  • Added the CZ75-Auto as a new stock pistol that is a loadout alternative to the P250. Its stats are identical to the P250′s with the exception of being fully automatic and having only two magazines.

[ CS:GO Weapon Case #3 ]


  • Weapon adjustments based on data collected:
    • Increased Aug recoil
    • Reduced Aug rate of fire
    • Reduced Aug and Sg553 scoped run speeds
    • Increased Desert Eagle accuracy recovery by 2.5%
    • Improved scope visuals for Aug and Sg553.
    • Aug now has a new firing sound.
  • Pressing the walk key while running now properly decelerates your speed to walking instead of instantly capping it.
  • Fixed regression that broke environment fog not being reduced when zoomed with a scoped weapon.

[ UI ]

  • Added text filter to loadout.
  • Added peel animation when player cycles position.
  • Fixed enemies on the square radar not rotating to match their view.
  • Fixed teammate colors sometimes shuffling on some panels when a player disconnected in Competitive Mode.
  • Crosshair style 2 (Classic) has been changed to accurately show weapon accuracy.
  • Added some ConVars to be used with crosshairstyle 2 (Classic) to allow users to further customize how they want it to display. (cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod, cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio)

[ MAPS ]

  • Overpass
    • Improved visibility.
    • Removed small cover on CT side of Bombsite B.
    • Drastically reduced the number of trashcans.
    • Widened tunnel near T spawn.
    • Widened lower door in park connector.
    • Widened corridor near CT sniper room.

[ MISC ]

  • Fixes to improve game stability during startup.
  • Added diagnostic info to debug video config reset.
  • Fixed dedicated server to write steam_appid.txt
  • Fixed several game server memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain workshop maps to re-download every time the game is launched.
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