Patch Notes



  • Teammate Colors:
    • Added convar cl_color to allow players to set their preferred teammate color index.
    • Renamed teammate colors convar to cl_teammate_colors_show and added option to display Color Letters over teammate colors in competitive (“cl_teammate_colors_show 2″).
    • Teammate preferred color can now be chosen when in a lobby and displays above player avatars.
  • Damage can no longer be done to teammates during a freeze period in any mode.
  • Fixed cs_baggage skybox texture.
  • Fixed cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 and cl_teamid_overhead 0 not hiding the overhead player arrows.
  • Fixed player flair icons getting cropped on avatars in the lobby.

[Aug and SG556] [sic]

  • Scope dot no longer fades too quickly during online play.
  • Scope dot is slightly more visible against bright backgrounds.
  • Scope dot is now tinted using the player’s crosshair color settings.


  • Overpass
    • Smoothed out movement on truck in Bombsite A
    • Simplified cover in bombsite B
    • Removed some trees in upper park
    • Smoothed out ground in canal
    • Removed small walls near playground entrance
    • Tweaked cover in playground
    • Small fence at birthday area no longer block bullets/grenades
    • Simplified corridor to CT sniper position
    • Improved player visibility
    • Improved performance
  • Nuke
    • Made wallbanging through large metal doors consistent
    • Added back pretty lighting in bombsite B
    • Made it possible to throw grenades through skylights in warehouse
    • Fixed some graphical bugs


  • Added support for threaded socket processing on clients and servers.
  • Significantly reduced the size of client connect packet to be below MTU.
  • Optimized split packet processing sequence.
  • Client address is no longer transmitted in official game events or saved in official GOTV demos.
  • Client P2P NAT requests are now always rejected when connected to a game server.

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