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Patch Notes


  • Added Sticker Capsules. Each capsule contains one sticker out of a series of sticker designs.
  • Sticker Capsules can be received as drops at the end of matches, and are opened using a Sticker Capsule Key.
  • A sticker can be applied to any gun, and each gun can hold multiple stickers.

[ MISC ]

  • Several adjustments to improve performance for a range of hardware configurations.
  • Ended Operation Bravo.
  • Overpass and Cobblestone maps are now available to everyone.
  • Removed the following items from the store:
    • Season’s Gifts. They are still marketable on the Community Marketplace and remain fully functional.
    • Operation Bravo Passes. They are still marketable on the Community Marketplace and can be redeemed for an Operation Bravo Coin.
  • Doing an ent_create now orients the created entity opposite the player’s orientation so it’s facing the player.
  • Added a new material type called ‘Lightmapped_4WayBlend’ that can be used on displacements. Documentation can be found here:
  • Added more diagnostic information for buffer overflows in network channel.

[ UI ]

  • Removed rouge [sic] pixel on mode map selection UI.
  • Added player teammate colors in Competitive Mode that displays a unique color per teammate in the radar, playercount panel, scoreboard and the arrow over their head (can be toggled offline with cl_cmm_showteamplayercolors).
  • Reduced translucency of avatars in playercount panel and did some minor visual updates.
  • Enemies icons on radar are now a different shape than teammates.
  • Hostages on radar now have an H in the dot and never rotate.
  • Added sort method ‘Equipped’ to the Inventory.
  • Added a setting to Game Options that allows hiding Team Tags in death notices.
  • Team tags now scale to fit in the scoreboard and no longer overlap ping or get get cut off.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes no live games could be found in the Watch panel for the first minute after game launch.


  • All grenades now have a secondary fire that throws an underhand grenade a short distance in front of the player.
    • Secondary fire can be combined with primary fire to precisely adjust the strength of the throw.
  • Weapon balance has been adjusted:
    • Improved Desert Eagle accuracy recovery
    • Improved Sg553 and AUG rates of fire.
    • Improved Sg553 and AUG scoped control ( reduced inaccuracy and recoil ).
    • Increased movement inaccuracy on all automatic weapons by 50%.
    • Movement inaccuracy when walking is now calculated differently, resulting in better walking accuracy across the board.
  • sv_airaccelerate has been slightly increased.

[ MAPS ]

  • Mirage
    • Fixed a bug where you could peek over a crate at CT stairs.
    • Added a peek position in Bombsite A connector, towards Palace exit.
    • Clipped benches inside palace.
    • Fixed some boost/exploit spots (Thanks F3RO!).
    • Breakable metal panels can no longer be shot through without triggering break effect.
    • Made it easier to get into hole leading to CT sniper window.
    • Made it easier to move over cart leading to B route from CT spawn.
    • Reworked cover in Bombsite A.
    • Reworked cover in Bombsite B.
  • Overpass
    • Changed cover in playground.
    • Fixed smoke sorting on water.
    • Made players easier to see in park connector stairs.
    • Raised upper park divider to prevent peeking over it.
    • Increased ambient lighting.
    • Made bridge near Bombsite B twice as wide.
    • Made it easier to spot players in T side of canal.
    • Simplified the layout of Bombsite B slightly.
    • Removed small tree at CT side of upper park.
    • Blocked visibility through truck in Bombsite A.
    • Tweaked soundscape.
    • General optimizations.
  • Inferno
    • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in ceilingfans.
    • Fixed some areas where thrown C4 could get stuck.
    • Increased brightness slightly in hallway leading to balcony in Bombsite A.
    • Fixed gaps that players could see through in Bombsite B.
    • Made wall penetration in construction more consistent (Thanks Pawlesslol!).
    • Nerfed the refire rate on the churchbells (changed from infinite dings per second to 1 ding per second).
    • General optimizations.
  • Dust 2
    • Removed dark texture near tunnel stairs.
    • Removed sky collision over building near T spawn.
    • Covered up shadow that looked like a player near CT spawn.
    • Fixed invisible ledges on curved corners.
  • Assault
    • Fixed various graphical bugs.
    • Fixed bugs related to prop_physics_multiplayer.
    • Added a CT van to CT spawn.
    • Fixed an exploit where players could get out of the map.

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