Patch Notes

Patch 1


Patch 2


  • Added "workshop_start_map" command line param to specify which map in a workshop collection for the server to start on. Takes the desired map's file id.
  • Password-protected community servers are no longer available for community matchmaking.
  • Map name is now correctly reported to master server.
  • Added spawn points in cs_assault.
  • Convars now get reset to defaults before server.cfg is executed.
  • Fixed a dedicated server crash after player disconnection.
  • Fixed respawn pop-up showing when you could not respawn in some cases.
  • Fixed bug in respawning if team spawn point counts were asymmetrical.
  • Fixed prop_dynamic_glows not getting a final network update.
  • Fixed webapi authkey behavior on Linux dedicated servers.
  • Fixed layout of player details screen.
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