Patch Notes


– Added a new version of Vertigo to Wingman official matchmaking.

– Added Zoo and Abbey to Casual and Deathmatch official matchmaking.

– Removed Austria and Subzero from official matchmaking.


– Improved performance.

– Removed connector between A short and A long.

– Removed mid lower entry.

– Added ladder to mid upper entry.

– Moved T spawn towards A to give CTs better mid timings.

– Fixed several bomb stuck spots and clipping issues.


– Accounts are now automatically upgraded to Prime by reaching Lieutenant Rank 21.

– Fixed a regression for some Perfect World accounts with completed Identity Verification and restored their Prime Account Status.

– Fixed scoreboard team names truncation in some languages.

– Fixed random map behavior in offline with bots game modes.


– Adjusted velocity value for when jump ‘step’ sound plays for more consistent behavior.

– Fixed a bug where player fall damage sound wasn’t playing most of the time.

– Fixed a bug where “the bomb has been defused” and “counter-terrorists win” VO lines could overlap each other.

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