Patch Notes


– Zoo and Abbey are now available in Competitive matchmaking.


– Visual updates overall to match present standards

– Replaced SWAT with FBI

– Reduced the amount of corners/spots at B site

– Removed glow effects from wall mounted fixtures to prevent smoke exploits

– Replaced foliage at interior lower mid to improve sightlines

– Raised ceiling in connector between T spawn and A mid

– Moved swinging tire out of the way of sightlines

– Increased infographics’ resolution

– Removed dead guy at T spawn

– Disabled collision on some foliage

– Fixed minor visual glitches


– Opened mid skybox allowing T’s to throw grenades from river area

– Opened mid skybox allowing players to throw grenades from A bombsites

– Opened A skybox allowing T’s to throw grenades from right alley

– Replaced window model with wider one in library (T’s side of middle)

– Added block bullets brushes in some places to prevent full penetration

– Optimization

– Removed bomb stuck spots

– Enabled collision on window models

– Reduced size of clip brushes in some places

– Added missing overlays

– Fixed various clipping issues

– Added new 3d skybox

– Removed tiny mountain

– Added some color to the map

– Added building on mid


– Made door into B site from CT side twice as wide

– Improved collision model of large HVAC units

– Blocked visibility under HVAC units

– Tweaked layout of staircase leading up to B site

– Blocked visibility from T spawn to B site catwalk

– Added some props near staircase to minimize fall damage

– Tweaked layout of bombsite B target

– Brightened ambient sunlight


– Fixed game state integration truncating long workshop map names.

– Fixed localization strings in some languages displaying numbers with zeroes after decimal point.

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