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Patch Notes[]


  • Visually upgraded all first-person arm, hands and glove models.


  • Fixed a bug where client could sometimes get stuck in Killer Replay with a black screen.
  • Fixed a bug where victim weapons could sometimes be invisible in Killer Replay.
  • Player’s own footstep sounds are now correctly mixed as third-person footsteps during Killer Replay.
  • Voice communications are now not faded out before and after Killer Replay.


  • Reduced volume falloff distance for USP-S.
  • Removed high frequencies from Killer Replay tape sound.
  • Adjusted falloff curve of ricochet and impact sounds.
  • Minor mix tweaks.


  • Added official game servers in India.


  • Upgraded to newer version of libSDL.
  • Improved game performance during the end of match scoreboard.
  • Sound options now distinguish between headphones vs two-speakers options.


  • Added support for in-game broadcast of Regional Minor Championships.

Undocumented changes[]

  • Removed unused model "V_tm_professional_arms.mdl"

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