Patch Notes

Panorama UI is now available for testing in the Panorama CS:GO Beta Depot.
  • For instructions detailing how to opt into a CS:GO Beta Depot, visit the following page:
    • This release of Panorama UI only supports “Practice with Bots.” You can also play with a friend by joining a party and starting a practice session.
    • When you’re finished testing Panorama UI and would like to join Official Matchmaking, follow the instructions linked above.
    • If you have feedback or want to report a bug in Panorama UI, email CSGOTeamFeedback [at], and include #PanoramaUI in your subject line.

Undocumented changes

  • Change default Terrorist knife texture.[1]
  • Updated game icon.
  • Updated CZ75-Auto's firstperson reloading animation.
  • Updated Chicken's sounds.
  • Added new matchmaking convar: ui_playsettings_official_survial with def. value "mg_xl_enclave"[2].
  • Added unused MP5 SD, HE Grenade, Molotov & Smoke Grenade "dashbaord" animations to game files.



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