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[ANTWERP 2022][]

  • Sticker capsules are now 75% off.



  • Added a graffiti on B-site commemorating Nich’s winning clutch. Graffiti “Karambit from Heaven” designed by Danky_xD.
  • Fixed spots where molotovs could damage players through walls (Thanks Crawlix).
  • Fixed floating models, some unused collisions and missing textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998).
  • Moved a model that could be confused for a player model (Thanks Maxim).
  • Fixed doors that despawn after being damaged (Thanks Rikuda).


  • Added Gyro Enabling modes: ( Always On (Default) | Only when using scope button | and only when Aim Stick Neutral ).
  • Added “Suppress Gyro” and “Toggle Gyro” SteamInput Actions. Can be stacked on any button in your controller configuration. “Suppress Gyro” is defaulted to Right Stick Click, stacked with “Reset to Horizon”.
  • Added FlickStick option: Switch to conventional stick aiming while scoped.
  • Added “Walk Zone” to Movement Stick. When feathering the movement stick, this forces the player into walk mode (i.e. +speed). A good alternative to Left Trigger Full Pull Walk. Set to zero to turn off/maintain pure analog movement.
  • Changed Default controller layout.
  • Quick Radial Menus now use Gyro as well as sticks. All Quick Radials in the default config chord with Right Stick.
  • Added Official Steam Input SteamController configuration.
  • Misc Fixes around controls and action sets.