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Patch Notes[]

The following changes are now available for testing in the Panorama CS:GO Beta Depot for Windows users.


  • Eliminated possible delay of a player’s team change state.
  • Self highlighting has been changed from green to team color.
  • The skillgroup field has been adjoined to name field.
  • Background blur amount has been reduced.
  • added mode-specific row definitions for flying scoutsman and wingman.
  • Updated skillgroup icons.
  • Added support for Major tournament name and event stage.
  • Fixed duplicate bot row when a bot disconnects.
  • Fixed mute indicator getting stuck on.


  • Re-added “Show Team Equipment” and added keybinding to settings menu (+cl_show_team_equipment)
  • Added “Show Team Positions In HUD” to settings menu (cl_teamid_overhead_always)
  • Buy menu background blur has been reduced.
  • Re-added the health/armor and ammo background elements that can be adjusted with the existing alpha convars via console or options menu.
  • Updated drop shadows from most colored hud elements to read better.


  • Fixed some asserts.
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • Reverted unintended CZ reload animation change.
  • Fixed the ability to apply stickers to items that have no empty sticker slots.
  • Improved visibility of dashboard character in 4×3 resolutions.
  • Fixed avatar color issues
  • Fixed the spectator name, score and team logo overlapping the middle in 4×3.


  • The hotkey and letter text on the radar player icons are now black.
  • Fixed the border around the radar being offset and scaled improperly at lower resolutions and non default scales.


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