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Patch Notes[]


[ MAPS ]


  • Improved Overwatch test case distribution system.

[ MISC ]

  • Whitelisted convars sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed and sv_vote_kick_ban_duration.
  • Added a server concommand "removeallids" to unban all user IDs.
  • Keybindings are no longer processed in front end when not connected to a server, fixes unexpected keybindings processing in main menu and when chatting in play with friends lobby.
  • Fixed players in invalid Steam purchase regions getting error dialogs during play.
  • Fixed votes incorrectly displaying player names with formatting symbols.
  • Fixed a rare bug where friendly fire damage could count raw damage inflicted instead of actual health points subtracted towards warning or kicking for too much team damage.
  • Official classic competitive matches will always allow players to connect even in rare cases when they were kicked and banned from the same game server instance during a previous classic casual game.
  • When a player receives a cooldown for being kicked from too many matches it will show up on their main menu immediately and will not be delayed until the competitive match end.
  • Adjusted the competitive cooldown for being kicked from too many matches to correspond to the violator's offense level starting at 30 minutes if it was the first competitive violation and following same cooldown computation rules as other types of cooldowns.
  • A player who was matchmaking solo and was kicked by a party of 4 teammates will not receive a competitive cooldown for being kicked from too many matches.
  • Exposed cl_interpolate convar, allows to disable entity interpolation during demo playback or on listen servers, interpolation is enabled regardless of client setting when connected to dedicated servers.
  • Added grenade trajectories when in spectator mode with glows on. Set sv_grenade_trajectory_time_spectator 1 to turn them on.
  • Fixed a crash on OSX 10.6.8 when downloading custom maps resources from community servers.