Counter-Strike Wiki

Patch Notes[]


  • Fixed quad surround sound so it works again.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause looping sounds, such as the hostage breathing sound, to be stuck on in some situations.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused spectators to sometimes hear water footsteps coming from players on dry ground.
  • CS:GO items received in trade cannot be re-traded for seven days.


  • Added support for uniform scale adjustment of static prop models.
    • To re-size static props, adjust the “uniform scale override” prop_static Hammer property, or use shift+mousewheel in the Hammer 3d viewport.



  • Moved squeaky door back a bit, to give a clearer view towards hut
  • Changed geometry near crane when on rafters, to remove awkward position
  • Smoothed out movement on roof near T spawn
  • Changed color of new boxes in bombsite B
  • Changed color of small red box at T side of yard
  • Added some cover at back of squeaky door hall

Dust II:

  • Removed one-way wallbang from CT spawn up to cat
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Fix for mip bias exploit


  • Opened up B lobby to stairs
  • Simplified geometry around B site for better movement
  • Blocked “invisible” area at A
  • Fixed several “pixelwalking” exploits
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Undocumented changes[]

  • Updated the localization files.

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