Counter-Strike Wiki


– Operation Broken Fang has come to an end. Players who have unredeemed operation stars will have until May 15th to claim their operation rewards.

– Introducing CS:GO 360 Stats – A subscription service for players that want to continue collecting official Competitive and Wingman stats.

– Premier Competitive remains available for all players featuring pick/ban process across the entire Active Duty Group map pool.

– Retakes remains available and has been moved into Wargames.


– Introducing the Snakebite Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Broken Fang Case set of gloves as rare special items.

[ MISC ]

– Chicken models have received a visual upgrade.

– Fixed community maps whose textures would appear black as a result of previous security fixes.

– The \ key can again be bound to commands. If you were using this key before, you will need to bind it again.

– Additional security and stability improvements.

– Added an option for large community maps to fade the Boost Player Contrast feature beyond the far-Z fog plane by setting fadeplayervisibilityfarz to ‘true’ in info_map_parameters.

[ MAPS ]

– Ancient has been added into the current competition map pool Active Duty Group and Train has been removed from Active Duty Group.

– Grind and Mocha have been added to official matchmaking in Scrimmage, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes, replacing Apollo, Engage, and Anubis.

– Calavera and Pitstop have been added to official matchmaking in Wingman game mode, replacing Elysion and Guard.

– Ancient:

— New route from CT spawn to A site

— Widened T entrance to left side of mid

— Opened up skylight in T tunnel to A site

— Extended plantable bomb zone in B site

— Opened up ledge in A site

— Various minor bugfixes

– Nuke:

— Fixed a clipping issue on window in T lobby

— Centered a lamp that was bugging me

– Frostbite:

— Overhauled interior lighting

— Fixed delivery drones being stuck in the bottom right corner of the map

— Added drone clips to improve delivery drone navigation

— Fixed rare cases of loot spawning in inaccessible areas/inside terrain

— Made a window frame in Alpha non solid (thanks Musti)

— Clipped wood railings in the frozen lake area

— Improved the look of the ice texture when Shader Detail is set to Medium or lower

— Fixed a missing face on a wooden beam in Town

— Added a sound effect in server room