Patch Notes


  • Mag7 - reduced cost to 1800.
  • Mac10 - increased price to 1050.
  • XM1014 - reduced damage to 20.
  • Body parts penetration code will not register headshot damage when penetrating into the neck hitbox through the chest hitbox, only chest damage will be dealt in this case.

[ MAPS ]

  • Updated de_favela to latest version.
  • Fixed some bugs in de_inferno where the player could get stuck on geometry, fixed some minor bugs (Thanks Wλve!).

[ MISC ]

  • If a player was vote kicked from too many recent competitive games the matchmaking system will assign them a competitive cooldown.
  • Added sever command line support for -net_port_try 1 to prevent servers from trying to climb ports if the request port was busy.
  • Fixed a rare grenade physics interaction that could cause grenades to spin in place when thrown at certain kinds of physics props or players.
  • Adjusted default value of sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks server convar to 16 for community servers with default settings to successfully process all user commands from even lowest tickrate and framerate clients.
  • When going to overtime players who survived in the last round will start with empty inventory even though teams don't switch sides.
  • Fixed flashbang number not updating on the hud if you had set "close after buy."
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